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Thread: Pumping and nipple pain

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    Default Pumping and nipple pain

    I have been pumping at least 1x a day since 10 days pp. Since i've been back to work (3 weeks), I've been pumping 2x/day. After the first week- I realized my pump was a little too strong as I had some bursted blood vessels and inflammation. A lower setting seemed to help but now, one side is cracked and red and I cry when my daughter latches on. pumping is not painful- but definitely seems to make it worse since there is blood in my breast pad afterwards. . .
    Do I have to stop pumping?
    I'm waiting for my break to call the LC- but any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Default Re: Pumping and nipple pain

    How's it going?

    Hoping better! Perhaps you could use a larger flange? Or like you said just too high on the suction?
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    Default Re: Pumping and nipple pain

    what type of pump do you have? Could it be that the flange isn't positioned properly? I nearly tore the nipple off of myself - with a manual of all things - when I positioned the flange slightly too low If you're using a high quality electric pump the powerful suction coupled with a position that is not quite right, could create some soreness.

    How is baby's latch at home? Try to make sure that she is latching really deep, as a shallow latch will only prolong the problem.


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