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    hi, i am a mother of 3 sons...11, 9 and 12 mos.
    i am also 15 weeks pregnant..i have been bf my baby and completely love it and never WANT to stop because the feeling i get while with my son! however i am pregnant and it is getting severely painful for me, it was really bad for awhile but got better, now however it is starting to feel like razors scraping away at my breasts...sorry to be so graphic..baby only nurses to wake up in the morning, nap time when he is home with me (stays with sitter 3 days a week and does not need to nurse-with no problem) he also nurses to go to sleep at night...he will stay in his own crib until around 2-3 am but will NOT go back to sleep without bf...when he is home during the day with me, he will only take a nap if i nurse or we ride in the car...but will comfortably sleep with anyone else holding him with no problem??? i realized maybe he doesnt NEED to nurse during the day and just thinks he does when im readily available for him...it hurts me just thinking about weaning him, but i keep hearing stories of contractions after so far of pregnancy and it hurts so badly at this point
    i took away his naptime feeding for the past week but he screams for over an hour with nothing comforting him even though i rock, sing, anything and everything! he has never taken a bottle or pacifier so he wont even try that...even tho he loves his cup he will not take it to sleep...i dont know what to do, if anyone has ANY ideas i am very happy to try some things..i dont want to wean but realize i have to soon...if he fights this much for a naptime feeding, what will i do at night? please help...thanx so much i appreciate any advice beforehand~

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    Ouch, mama that sounds painful. I have 0 experience in this but I know there are other's on here who have dealt with this. I just wanted to offer

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    thanx for concern~i really appreciate it..Not that i hope there are others who have went through this, but i do hope someone has, so they can help me! thanx again!!!

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    I'm so sorry, mama! I nursed my older DD through my pregnancy with my younger DD and, although I had pain at times, it was nothing so bad as razors!!
    My understanding is that most women can safely bf through pregnancy, except perhaps women with a history of preterm labor.
    Here is some more information about nursing during pregnancy etc.
    I don't have any great weaning tips since I've only weaned a baby before. The book How Weaning Happens gave me some great tips for limiting my older DD, though.


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    I had to night wean my dd and stop nursing her to sleep because of the irritation it caused once I was pregnant. It didn't hurt for me (ouch, razors! poor you!!) but it caused an intense creepy sensation that got me really irritated and resentful.

    I used the Dr. Jay Gordon method for nightweaning, though I haven't been very strict about it it is slowly but surely working for us. Here's a link:

    For nursing to sleep I started a routine at night where I'd tell dd that I'm going to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" 3 times and then no more milk. Then I let her nurse and I sing- counting as I go "this is #2" "this is #3, after this no more milk" and at the end I say, "mommy sang twinkle twinkle 3 times and that's all. no more milk." She'll usually unlatch by herself, fuss for a minute or two and then settle down (I'll sing a different song to get her to sleep). This worked amazingly quickly for me and it's consistenlty worked whether I'm at home or visiting at my parents or wherever. She's been sick the last week, so I laid off for a day or two and she's now readjusting, but I think the technique works really well in general. In fact, now when I say it's time to go night night, she asks, "mommy sing twinkle twinkle?"

    As far as naps go, I don't really have any advice. I work ft and still nurse her to sleep for naps on the weekend. Strangely, I don't have a problem nursing during the day, it's only at night.

    Good luck to you, mama!
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    It was very hard for me to continue nursing my son and I did have 2 failed attempts at weaning him while I've been pregnant. It was very painful and I would get nasua and light headed, totally not fun. My son is only 18 months old tomorrow and I'm due in 2.5 weeks so I didn't verbally tell him I was going to limit nursing, I just did it.

    He too, nurses to sleep but what I did was nurse him for 15 minutes then pick him up and rock him. I would put him in his crib and rub his back or hug him if he wouldn't lie down. He fought it but eventually he learned this is the drill. Now when I unlatch him he'll stand up and hold his arms out to me cause he knows it's time to be rocked.

    Now that I'm so close to delivering it barely hurts anymore and I've gotten lax on this routine except for night time. I'm actually looking forward to tandem nursing. The pain got better for me in the middle of the 2nd trimester, so hopefully it will for you too

    Other times, when he would just want to nurse for comfort during the day I would just try to distract him. Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't but it gave me a little break to mentally prepare myself to nurse him. To deal with the pain I would just do deep breathing exercises and try to focus on something else. Some people will sing a song or read a book, you just have to find your happy place

    Good luck mama, you can get through this.

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