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Thread: Teething and BF problems

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    Default Teething and BF problems

    My 16 week old appears to be teething. He woke up today congested, which I hope is related to the teething. Yesterday and today he only wants to eat about 5 minutes at a time pretty frequently. When he's on one side, he squirms and rubs his face, and doesn't appear to be getting a lot. I keep hearing his tummy growl, but he keeps having the appropriate amount of wet and dirty diapers. He eats well when I pump and give him a bottle, but I'm not responding to pumping very well right now. If he continues eating for such short amounts of time for a few days, will it hurt my supply?
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    How's it going? Usually if they decrease your supply by doing that for a few days they will follow it up with a ton of nursing to adjust back to the supply they need. Almost like when you are sick you don't eat much, then when your feeling better you eat everything in sight.
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