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Thread: Vitamin D Supplement?

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    Is it really necessary to give Vitamin D supplements to exclusively breastfed babies? My daughter is 6.5 months old and I was told my the nurse practicioner at my pediatirican's office that this was necessary. Thoughts?

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    Thank you!

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    The links provided have good info. It depends on where you live and how much sunlight your baby gets.
    If you decide to supplement, FYI it is difficult to find just D rather than a multi-vitamin. I decided to use them because we live far north. I found "Baby D-Drops" and have been happy with them. They have no additives other than an oil base, taste like nothing and you only give baby a small drop rather than a dropper-full. I got them at the website babyandmeorganically.com (a Canadian site) but apparently they are now available in the US through Carlsen Labs.
    Just thought I'd provide that info for anybody wanting to give their LO vit. D without all that other garbage.


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    Agree with PP that a lot will depend on where you live. We supplement the kids and ourselves since winter is so long and we have very few hours of sunlight during the winter months. Also when we are outdoors in winter there is not much skin showing (to absorb the suns rays) because it can be quite cold.

    I have heard most people living in northern climes are vit D deficient but do not have a reference.
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    Depends where you live. If you live in a southern climate with lots of sun I'd say probably not. We live in the northeast and don't get much sun all winter. If we do its cold so we are all bundled up anyways. I give my daughter vit d
    www.sunlightvitamins.com ( Its the only just d (without iron etc) I could find. Its colorless and tasteless. Both dh and I had our vit d levels checked and we were wayyyy below what it should be. They are finding out more and more about vit d daily and its a very important vitamin!

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    Default Re: Vitamin D Supplement?

    Our ped was (is) adamant that we should supplement, but we decided not to. She was going on general recommendations, and I found a list of risk factors, none of which my son has, so we don't do it. I found somewhere (I think it was a lll link) that a baby who lives in Ohio would need about 20 minutes per winter day (average) of sun clothed but with no hat.
    Our little guy is 8 months old and we haven't had problems. Neither has my niece who can't take supplements because of stomach issues. It is certainly a family decision, but it helped me to know some background.

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