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Thread: Mum's diet when BF

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*abismumuk View Post
    I've never been so hungry in all my life since !!!
    I stalk the office for free food! But I do bring a lot of healthy snacks.

    I, too, have a hard time noticing extra fussiness...well, since things change so quickly and there is always something else going on--she's teething and about to crawl, and trying to get consonants out now.

    One of the things you can watch for is extra spitting up. My baby seems to spit up more when I eat tooooo much chocolate.

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    I am breastfeeding too, but I have started solids to my 7 month old daughter, and supplement with formula...Sometimes, I am very hungry. And, my stomach width has increased after the my daughter's 3rd month.

    I have heard that it is important to have a high protein diet, and drink 8 cups of water.

    At the beggining I was using a diet guide from what to Expect website...but it was huge...In addition, I was drinking many glasses of milk, making sure I was either eating kale or spinach,...

    Currently, though I feel I must exercise otherwise I will explode

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