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Thread: Do you warm your EBM in the sippy?

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    Default Do you warm your EBM in the sippy?

    DD is getting EBM after 2 months of having it straight from the tap (I was on vacation). Since she's over a year now, I didn't want to go back to giving her a bottle and she's been using a sippy/straw cup for water for at least 4 months now. So I figured I'd have the sitter give her EBM in the cup. Do you still warm it? Her bottles were always warmed. She'll drink water and cows milk cold. She hasn't drank very much EBM this week and I can't tell if it is because it has been cold/room temp or because she only really wants it from the tap now. Thought I'd see what you all do.
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    Default Re: Do you warm your EBM in the sippy?

    I give dd cold breast milk in a sippy every now and then and she loves it! I would try it!

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    Default Re: Do you warm your EBM in the sippy?

    I dont warm it up ever any more. She drinks it cold from the fridge with no problem.
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    Default Re: Do you warm your EBM in the sippy?

    Mine will drink MM from a sippy cup with no difficulty -- that is, when I'm not around. If I'm home, they expect me to nurse them. When they get it in a cup, they will drink it cold, but prefer it warmed up.

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    Default Re: Do you warm your EBM in the sippy?

    Hunter will drink it cold but prefers it warm or straight from the tap

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