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    Unhappy College/Sub ????

    Ok, I'm freaking out now. I gave myself until August to not think about school, and now I have knots in my stomach. I graduate in May finally after six years!!!!(I had to work full time(one-on-one w/autistic child), so I went whenever I could) I've always had my eye on the prize, but now that lo is here I lost my drive when I need it most. I can't turn back now, but I just look at him and cry. I will only say this here, but I could care less if I ever work again!!!! Ahh, I said it!

    Anyway, my real problem is that I'm afraid that my schedule will effect my breastfeeding relationship with lo. My schedule is crazy. I will be going three days a week during the day, and one day I have a night class as well. On top of that, I have to put in 45 hours in a classroom as a precursor to student teaching. AND ON TOP OF THAT, I have to fill in as a substitute teacher whenever I can. I don't know how I'm going to do this. I have so little help as it is, and the last thing I'm going to feel like doing after being away from lo is study/homework....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I miss him already. I have never been able to pump anything over an ounce at a time, so storing milk is a joke. What can I do???? I don't really know what I'm looking for, maybe just some words of encouragement. Thanks ladies

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    I know partially how you feel. It took me six years to graduate also. I walked on May 3rd of this year at 8 1/2 months. I will have my first teacher workday on tuesday at the school I student taught at. Your program sounds very busy. Do you live close to campus? Could you leave lo with a family friend and go back and fourth and feed him. You could talk to your professors and see if you can bring lo to class with you. You would have to be carefull though because he will be a distraction. I knew a girl in one of my summer classes that would leave class and pump in the bathroom. You can read and stuff while you feed lo and if you have a laptop you can type while feeding also (as I am right now lol). My cooperating teacher always told me family comes first. I don't know what to tell you about your field experience that's a little much to me we only had to have 20 hours of observation and we didn't have to sub. Just keep thinking "this is all for him!!!" You will be contributing to your lo's future by finishing college and starting your career. That's what I have to tell myself since I will be leaving for the first time on Tuesday. Good luck and it will work out. Don't give up on your prize though because it's possible, I promise!!!
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    Pumping every 3-4 hours while I was away for 15 min. worked(s) for me. You just tell the school, professor, whatever that this is what you have to do.
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    Is there any way to slow things down, go PT for an extra semester or next summer or something?


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