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Thread: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

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    Question sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    Hi, has anyone any advice for me, please?
    I have been feeding successfully over the last 6 months, but every now and then my supply has been low. I believe this to be connected with my monthly cycle. But over the last week, my milk has nearly dried up altogether and I'm so unhappy because I'm not ready to stop breastfeeding yet.
    I put my baby to the breast very frequently to encourage supply, but my boobs seem empty and they are becoming sore from sucking.
    He'd just started to sleep through the night, but now he wakes again and he seems unsettled and in need of a decent feed. He has fewer wet nappies, but still at least 6.
    About a fortnight ago, I started to give him a small evening meal of solids each day, mixed up with pumped breastmilk, which didnt seem to effect my supply, although I felt like I was contaminating him at first!
    I am very active and exercise most days, and I try to eat a healthy diet. My sister thinks that I dont eat enough calories and that's the problem. Would that cause my previously plentiful supply to dissapear so suddenly? It's not like I crash diet or anything.
    This is my fourth baby, and I fed the others until they were well over a year with plenty of milk.
    Is it possible for my milk to come back now that it has got so low? Ive tried fennel tea, calcium and magnesium suppliment, bananas, more rest etc.
    I feel like I'm failing. I will be devistated if I have give up feeding. This will be my last baby and I will miss feeding so much. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know what might be causing it? What else can I do to get my milk back? Please help if you can. Thanks.
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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    Three words "More Milk Plus" it is a life safer. You can get it at a lot of health food stores or go to their web site www.motherlove.com
    It works so fast and helps get you through the low production times. Did you recently go back to work or through a stressful situation? Stess can cause a drop in milk supply.Try pumping if and when you are away from your baby. Good luck and congrats!

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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    i had the same exact thing at 6 mos - it was horrible. i started her on the tiniest bit of solids and then aunt flow showed up and my milk all but disappeared. the mother's milk stuff made lo really irritable.
    THE ONLY thing that works for me when my milk dips and especially then when it was really bad is to pump on top of bf. put your lo to both breasts every hour if you can when he is up and pump immediately after feeds here and there. even if you can add 2 or 3 pumping sessions a day, your supply will come up dramatically within a day or 2. make sure to pump immediately after he eats so that you're not taking his milk, and this will tell your body to make more. for some reason, this has helped me so much more than even constant nursing does. hth!
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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    mama your milk will come back full force, but I really don't think is completely gone! Your LO is having good diapers, so that means he's getting milk!

    While good nutrition is important, unless there is a drastic change in your diet (like not eating or drinking at all) or very traumatic event your milk won't go from full to nothing overnight. It's usually very gradual!

    The combination of your period coming back - which does cause a dip for many women, and then comes back to normal supply in a few days - with sleeping through the night recently could have done it! Keep nursing, keep putting him to the breast!

    Here's a page on menstruating and nursing, and also hidden hindrances to a healthy milk supply.
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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    Another thought is the more you offer additiona nutirtion (such as solids) the less baby nurses - so thats something to keep in mind. BM does offer baby everything they need for quite some time.

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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    Sorry you are feeling down about this... you are not doomed! Your suppy can come back with some work. There are plenty of things you can use like the other moms mentioned but most important is to baby to the breast as often as possible. Pumping right after a feeding for 5 minutes or so, even if you get nothing, will help to stimulate the breast. A few other things to try is, dare I say it, waking baby around 5 or so AM for a little snuggle and extra feeding. Adding a feeding before you go to bed for the night may also help. If you don't want to wake baby you can pump. Most babys won't wake all the way but will take the breast. Are your cycles regular and on time monthly? Could you be pregnant? Just a few other thoughts... I ask about being on time because if you are then you could know to expect a drop for a time and know when to expect it back. Most important you are doing a great job and hang in there.
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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. All your advice sounds good. I'm fairly sure I'm not pregnant, but I'll try the mother love and other links, thanks..

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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    Oatmeal seems to help too... Good luck! I'm sure it's just temporary.
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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    it very well could be your monthly cycle, i just recently got mine back adn exactly (it seems) one week before she shows her ugly face my supply draps majorly adn then the day she arrives its back,lately in the middle of my cycle it has been seeming to drap for a few days as well, maybe due to ovulation?? as long as you keep him at the breats its not gonna go bye bye for good. g/l
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    Default Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    I am seperated from DS a lot, I only BF 3 times a day on weekdays, and even then DS does not drink much. I do pump after 2 of those sessions, please 2 other times a day.

    At 7months my period came back along with yet another drop, this time in half. My OB just prescribed me Reglan to try to get it back. I HOPE it does, I do not want DS to go on formula, and I can not quit my job.

    I use More Milk, Mother's Milk tea, Fenugreek seed, blessed thistle. I know I am taking enough because I smell like Maple Syrup. I did also drop to the small shields when using the PIS. But the pump just can not compare to the real thing.

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