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Thread: White Poop help!

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    OK, so my daughter has had watery/green/yellow/brown poops for 5 weeks now. Took her to GP last week who did a stool sample (results not back yet)

    Today I changed her nappy and it was dark green and runny but had white stringy bits in - I can only describe as cottage cheese!

    I phoned the doc surgery and spoke to the triage nurse who offered us an appointment for tomorrow. I am quite worried though as I have read on the net that it could be a sign of a liver problem.

    She looks and acts totally healthy and has no jaundice. I am certain she is teething though and has a cold so I am wondering if these things could cause bits of white poop?

    Anyone had the same experience or can offer me any advice?

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    how old is your lo?

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    Nolan has had that off and on since he was born. WAY more when he was just strictly BF. I was told it is just normal BM poop, nice and curdy. Hopefully it is the same thing!
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    she is 4 months old

    Yes, I wasnt sure if it is maybe the curds but the bits were quite big. And arent the curds usually yellow? or in her case green!!

    there has also been mucous present at various stages throughout the last 5 weeks! I think the only colour Im now waiting for is Blue.......

    I will let you know what the doc says tomorrow and hopefully her results will be in.

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    Keep us posted, mama.

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