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Thread: 9 days old and in pain!!!

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    Exclamation 9 days old and in pain!!!

    I am a first time mom and am struggling with bfing. My daughter is 9 days old. I went to a LC group support meeting through the hospital my daughter was born at and had very cracked, bleeding, painful nipples and the LC's were very shocked that I was still bfing. I have since then used my breast milk to help the pain, and Lansinoh® Brand Lanolin and airing my nipples out. I have seen a great deal of healing, but my nipples are sore to the touch and and remain sore throughout my day . I am still having pain when my daughter is latching on but it seems to be bearable after about a minute or less...Is this normal? I am still unsure of myself if she is latching on right and why laying on my side in bed and bfing is so painful??? Please Help!
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    Default Re: 9 days old and in pain!!!

    I found Lansinoh® Brand Lanolin Topical Treatment to be one of my best friends in the early days. I used it religiously from the start, I had pain, but never cracking and bleeding. http://www.lansinoh.com/index.php?sr...nts&pos=0,10,1
    You may be sore for a while as your body adjusts. It is good that you have had some healing. I can remember that at the beginning I would have pain when they would latch on, but same as yours, it would only last around a minute or less. Over time that went away and it all became pain free. Have you considered have a lc come in to your home and assist you with laying on your side and bf?
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    Hi, welcome to the boards!

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter and good job with the bf'ing!

    When I started bf'ing my dd I, too, had bad latch problems and ended up with terribly cracked, bleeding nipples and such pain while nursing. While you are learning proper technique, it may continue to be a bit uncomfortable, but it shouldn't continue to be painful. You may still be getting a bad latch sometimes. If you're getting a bad latch, just break the suction by inserting your pinky into the side of your little one's mouth and remove your nipple. Get your LO to open wide (you can pull her chin open with your index finger, if that helps) and then pull her in. Don't just push through the pain, though, because you'll just exacerbate the problem. I speak from experience on that one...

    Did the LCs help you with your and your baby's latch on? If you're still unsure as to if you're "getting it right," there are some good online videos to help, but the best help comes from a real live person, either another LC or a LLL member/leader or other experienced mom.

    Here are some good online videos until you can meet with a person:

    the second one was REALLY helpful for me.

    Personally, I found side-lying nursing to be the most difficult position to use. I couldn't see if dd was getting a proper latch, I couldn't control her head very well and on top of all that, i was supposed to support myself and hold my breast?? Forget it! I found the cross-cradle the easiest during the early weeks; I could hold her head/neck steady, cup my breast and pull dd in with more dexterity. Now at 4 months, it's still my prefered hold, though I did finally master side-lying a month ago

    Definitely check out a LLL meeting or call an LC or someone to help you get a proper latch. With a proper latch there shouldn't be any pain. (For the first few weeks you might feel a little tender, but it's not pain, per se.)

    Best of luck & let us know how it goes!

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    Hi There!

    Congratulations on your new baby. I'm sorry you've been having a struggle, but I'm very glad to read that you went and got some in-person help.

    Your nipples were quite damaged on the outside, and probably on the inside as well. It will take some time for them to heal. The fact that you have seen a lot of healing already is an excellent sign that the baby is latching better.

    Many new mothers describe pain with latch on that ends 30 seconds or a minute or so into the breastfeeding session and then goes away. We don't know exactly why this happens, but it seems to be somewhat common and for most mothers it goes away after the first couple of weeks. In your case, it might last a little longer while your nipples continue to heal.

    My suggestion would be to continue to work on getting a really good latch at every breastfeeding session. Look at the video links the previous poster sent you. The pain should continue to get better, and if, after a couple of days, you find that it's not getting better OR it's getting worse, call a LLL Leader or contact that lactation group for some more in-person help.

    As for nursing while laying down--many mothers find this difficult in the early weeks, but then it seems to get easier as baby gets a little bigger and has better head control. Some mothers find it helpful to experiment with propping the breast up (like with a small pillow or a rolled washcloth) or with raising the baby up on a pillow. Some mothers find it helpful to latch the baby on while sitting upright and then easing themselves into a side lying position. It's all about trying different things and seeing what works for you.

    Hang in there! You've already made good progress. These first few weeks require some work and dedication, but the rewards are fabulous--before you know it, the both of you will be pros at this!

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    Hi there - I too had the mother of all cracked and bleeding nipples - the worse case my health visitor said she'd ever seen! Being very large breasted, I found it easier to feed lying down at first and I think this is why I got so terribly sore in the first place - this is a tricky position to master! However, when you have chronically sore nipples it can take a lot longer than the usual few days for them to heal. I tried Lansinoh, rubbing in BM and airing them for 2 weeks without success, then in desperation resorted to Avent silicone nipples shields. I was very reluctant to use them at first as I had been told that they can decrease supply, but while this may have been so with the old style ridgid plastic shields, these floppy silicone ones apparently have no impact on supply if used property. Check www.kellymom.com for more info on this. I used them for about 3 weeks - which is how long my nipples took to heal sufficently for me to even attempt to feed without them. Try attaching them with medical tape if at first you find it difficult to keep them in position. It took a couple of tries to get my little girl to go back on without the shield but by then I was healed enough to be able to take it - and of course by then I'd had a lot more practice positioning sitting up (using pillows on my lap to support baby). My little one is now a year old and still feeding happily without the sheilds.

    Hang on in there - the pain is terrible at the moment I know but there will come a time when you feel none at all! If you feel like you're getting somewhere of course perserve without the shields, but give them a go if you feel like nothing else is working. They're the reason I'm still breastfeeding as they got me through those agonising early weeks.
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    Default Re: 9 days old and in pain!!!

    Hang in there, it WILL get better.

    My local LLL leader said that the first 20 seconds can be very painful, even with a good latch, for the first few weeks. She recommended I count 20 seconds out while using natural childbirth pain control methods, and if it still hurt after that, to unlatch the baby and try again.

    Sounds like you are making some serious and positive progress
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    Default Re: 9 days old and in pain!!!

    you can take something over the counter for the pain.
    damaged nipples also are a good place for yeast to start growing so you might want to look into either eating yogart every day or getting some probiotics (acidophus)


    heres some other info about healing cracked nipples

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