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Thread: Nipple Shield Success!!!

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    Default Nipple Shield Success!!!

    I must do a brief happy dance for the fact that this week my son (2 months) stopped using the shield! It has been two days nipple shield free! Why he stopped I'll never know, he was whining one day and I offered him bare nipple and he took it! Talk about tense, waiting for him to let go and cry but he didn't!

    Now I have a few questions:

    - I am engorged again, not as bad as when the milk first came in, but still uncomfortable. Is it that he's taking in more? I weighed him once (5 oz in about 15 minutes!) Feeding him is so much nicer now that it doesn't take 45min or longer!

    -my nipples are SORE! I know they've been protected for two months and he's still perfecting the latch, is this normal? As I've never breastfed without the shield I don't know the amount of soreness to expect when starting.

    -Am I in any danger of him going back to the shield? He only seems to be getting better at not using it but I'm nervous.

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    Default Re: Nipple Shield Success!!!

    Congratulations! I myself did a happy dance when my ds and I were finally nipple sheild free at 3 months!

    My nipples were also sore after I stopped using the shield for about a week and a half. But I stuck with it because I figured it was like starting over. Most of the pain for me came right at the beginning until my milk let down and then the pain subsided. But it will get better!! I used some lanolin cream which helped.

    I was nervous aslo about having to use the shield again and didn't throw it away for at least two weeks. But it felt so good to get rid of it! Now I feel as though I have a wonderful bf relationship with my ds. Also bf in public is soooo much easier!

    I'm not sure about why you are engorged again. It may be because your ds is more efficient without the sheild and your breasts may just be adjusting.

    Congratulations again!

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    Default Re: Nipple Shield Success!!!

    way to go baby and mommy!
    I agree with pp..do you have some lanilon? That will help with the soreness.

    you might be getting fuller if you are making a little bit more milk. and if the baby is nursing a little bit more. You might want to try and add an extra feed to help.
    3 months is good time for a growth spurt.

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    Default Re: Nipple Shield Success!!!

    I have heard that the nipple shield reduces stimulation to the breast, which can cause a reduction in supply for some women. So it would make some sense that once you toss it, you might see an increase in supply as your breast is more stimulated to produce milk. Dunno, just speculation on my part though . . .
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    Default Re: Nipple Shield Success!!!

    Hi there! Congrats on losing the shield! My dd used a nipple shield on the left side for the first 4 weeks... One day, it was over, she didn't want it anymore. Now, since I had only been using it on one side, my right side was already adjusted to the soreness, so it made it even worse pain-wise, but it also gave me a light at the end of the tunnel. I knew that eventually it would feel as "normal" as the right one. SO, don't give up! Use some Lansinoh Lanolin and keep your breasts bare as much as possible as they begin to toughen up. (the air seemed to keep the nipples hard) It only took my left breast a few days to adjust and become comfortable to nurse. And now, my dd prefers the left one to the right - go figure!

    Once again, congrats! No more nipple shield!

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    Default Re: Nipple Shield Success!!!

    I got a bit sore again when I stopped using the shield after 4 weeks. Keep a eye on things - you'll know if it needs to go back on (!). I found that after a day or two the pain disappeared totally and never came back. Hooray!

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