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Thread: ? regarding length of time to pump

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    Default ? regarding length of time to pump

    Hi all, I posted a few weeks ago regarding pumping while I am away for my daily four hour shift at work. I was advised since I had such little time on my break to go ahead and just pick up a session at home. This did not work out to well for me so I have been pumping at work. My issue is that I only have about ten-twelve minutes to pump to make it back in time and not have to stay later at work. I have a very fast let down, maybe 30 seconds to respond to the pump and then am able to get a little over two ounces on each side by the time I need to go back.

    I have been reading that you should pump for at least 20 minutes so am wondering if I am doing damage to my supply by having such a short pump session. By the time I quit my milk has slowed to just a trickle so I think I am doing an ok job emptying my breasts but they may not be completely empty. Is it a problem to not completely empty them each time?
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    Default Re: ? regarding length of time to pump

    Are you producing enough to keep up with or exceed your LO's needs while you are away? I think a little longer pump time would probably be ideal, but each woman is different and you make do with what you can manage time-wise.
    Sometimes women experience a second let-down while pumping, or are able to express more by using breast compressions.
    You could still try to pump right before you leave for work, maybe pump on one side while feeding your LO on the other.


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    Yep, definitely producing enough to keep up while away. She will only take about two ounces if any while i am gone. She's stubborn about eating from the bottle and seems to do ok with a very minimal amount to tide herself over. We co-sleep and she nurses on demand, sometimes more than once an hour when I do get home which is fine with me! I usually freeze two ounces and leave the other two in the fridge for the next days bottle. I would pump in the morning but she eats on both sides before I leave and when I get home; and with all the nursing during the day it's hard to fit a session in. She is gaining well and was 14lbs 10oz at her two month check up.
    Adrienne, mom to DS1~2/5/00, DS2~ 12/2/02, and DD1~ 4/27/08, partner in crime to DH since 98. No Vax~ Wrap wearing~ Co-sleeping~and of course

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    Default Re: ? regarding length of time to pump

    When I returned to work after the birth of my son, I was able to keep pumping until nothing came out (my employer was accommodating). It usually took between 15-30 mins to get about 9-12oz total (ds and i had already been nursing for 3 months so our supply was established).

    Like someone mentioned above, it's recommended that you pump at least 20 mins. Do you think your employer would be willing to accommodate you? Maybe have longer quick breaks but a shorter lunch break? Of course you would have to have to have your lunch break clocked according the labor laws.

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