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Thread: HELp.. please.. thawed milk issue

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    Smile HELp.. please.. thawed milk issue

    OK.. so i've done alot of reading and research, but i still don't know...

    My issue is that my son did not like to latch no matter how much help I received so I pumped from the get go and acquired a substantial supply in the freezer since March. I am currently only pumping twice to three times a day to keep up with my son who had started cereal and has about threee 8oz bottles a day of milk.. He is currently almost 7 months.

    I recently started thawing the milk to suppliment and found that it has absolutly no odor at all, but doesn't taste good to me.. The fresh stuff tastes sweet but the thawed stuff tasted pukey but with no smell...

    There is less bad taste with the newer frozen stuff, and I have dumped all of March, April and the First half of May in which I had over 200 frozen 5 oz MEdella bags..

    Do i keep and thaw and use the remaining frozen bags? ( I have only stored through the first week of July as I assumed I had enough milk and my production has slowed) or do I dump everything and try to re-up my supply or suppliment with formula..
    I'm ok with the fact he's made it ove 6months on my milk, but i was hoping to go a bit longer...

    Thanks for any help!

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    Oh, I'm sorry you've had to dump a lot of your stored milk That is no fun! Before you dump the rest, I'd let your lo try some. Rest assured your lo will not drink spoiled milk. If lo refuses milk you'll know it's not good. I wouldn't dump the milk especially if it doesn't have an odor. I noticed some of my frozen milk doesn't taste the same...maybe a little less sweet but lo hasn't refused it. Definitely give it a try before you dump anymore.
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    Default Re: HELp.. please.. thawed milk issue

    Have you seen this thread?


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    Question Re: HELp.. please.. thawed milk issue

    Thanks, I have. I didn't think it was this lipase issue because there is no metallic or soapy taste and absolutlely no smell.

    Do you really think it could still be this issue?

    Kimberly and Little Logan in Ohio

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    don't throw it out if your lo don't take the milk, you can donate it to a milk bank. I noticed that you are in Ohio, there is one in Columbus, that is where I am sending my excess milk to from NY.

    Mothers' Milk Bank of Ohio
    Grant Medical Center @
    Victorian Village Health Center
    1087 Dennison Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43201
    Phone (614) 544-0810
    FAX (614) 544-0812

    good luck
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    Default Re: HELp.. please.. thawed milk issue

    Hi Kimberly,

    I am not sure if it is lipase or not. The way to find out would be to try scalding and see if that has any improvement.

    Scalded milk can taste cooked but not pukey.

    Are you sure you are storing properly? For example, I was told to remove all the air I could out of the storage bag and then to double bag. Seemed to be ok. How are you storing your milk?


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