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Thread: sending milk home?

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    Default sending milk home?

    I have a well (breast)-fed 11 month old son and have to leave for 5 days to go on a conference. By the time I leave my freezer stash will be down to 42 oz, which will lasts him 2 days or less.
    should I send home milk and if so how? fedex overnight? DHL? ups?
    or should we start supplementing with cows milk. I REALLY dont want to use formula, it just seems so synthetic to me.

    I feel really guilty, because i have been taking it easy with the pumping in the last months. I had such a nice freezer stack, my breasts weren't so full any more, so i pumped only once at work, while he drinks two times while I am gone.

    so when I opened the freezer the other day, I suddenly see that it is getting empty. I started pumping more now in panic, two times at work, once at night, and even on the weekends. I know this will probably make me have too much milk when I am separated from him but I did not know what else to do.

    I leave for the conference in 13 days, before that I will go on a 6 day trip with my little one, where I won't be pumping.

    I would appreciate any advice on what I should do. I also don't want the milk I am pumping at the conference to go to waste. Should I send it home? packd with ice packs? or try to store it somehow till i get home?

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    Default Re: sending milk home?

    I have sent frozen milk via overnight delivery with dry ice in a styrofoam cooler, and it stayed frozen. I'm not sure how that would work with fresh milk as the dry ice would freeze it. That may be fine, or you could freeze the milk before sending with the dry ice. If you're pumping anyway while traveling, why not do this? You'll either have to lug all that milk home or dump it anyway.

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