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Thread: White nodule/blister on nipple

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    Default White nodule/blister on nipple

    I am on my 4th day of nursing. Didnt seem to have a problem with it in hospital (which lacked a lactation nurse on the weekends). But now that my milk is in, I am or was enjoying nursing until lately. I have very sore nipples, had some mild cracking slight bleeding (i never saw blood). Today I developed a whitish nodule/or blister. Which scared me, since ive never breastfed before. I took a warm shower to help eleviate discomfort, and then nursed my daughter. The nodule/blister broke and leaked out some substance. I still nursed her, its becoming more and more uncomfortable, but the skin tore apart and is just hanging there. I didnt peel it, its dark in color (the torn skin). I let them dry out and then i put lasinoh lanolin on them.

    I read some threads on other websites that said to apply warm compress prior to nursing, cold compress after, and use the lanolin. Is this a correct course of treatment and healing. Im getting discouraged to continue nursing so....I need some advice. They also mentioned a saline solution for about a minute after nursing as well. Is this a good thing? Im trying hard to find a position where she doesnt slide her mouth off, cuz it seems that she never stays on the areola.

    Need advice....and convincing that this will eventually go away!!! Is there light at the end of the tunnel....

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    It sounds like you may not quite have a good latch - the blister could be from her not having enough of the nipple in her mouth. Make sure her mouth is open good & wide before you put her on, and use your free hand to "sandwhich" your breast to match the shape of her mouth. Don't be afraid to really push it in there, too! My LC called it the "RAM" Rapid Arm Movement - pushing her head in quickly so she'd get a lot of the nipple/areola in before closing her mouth around it. Also, her lips should be visible both top & bottom - kind of "flared" out, KWIM?

    Hope all that helps ... hang in there, it DOES get better! With my first I had that discomfort for about 2 weeks and then was fine from there. With this one it was MUCH easier...
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    with Pam- if you're getting cracking and blistering, your latch isn't right. In you shoes, I would go and see a lactation consultant (preferably an IBCLC) as soon as possible. Nothing beats hands-on help!!! Especially since you mention that you are having trouble finding a position in which your baby doesn't slip off the areola- that's exactly the sort of problem that a LC can help you solve.

    The nodule/blister you describe is probably a milk bleb/blister. They are a common effect of an incorrect latch. The "substance" that leaked from the broken blister was almost certainly milk- it often looks watery instead of milky because the milk has backed up for a period of time behind the blistered skin.

    Here's what I used for cracked/blistered nips:
    - Lanolin
    - Mixture of Bacitracin ointment and 1% hydrocortisone cream. (Recommended by my LC. Use a pea-sized amount, mixed and applied with clean fingertips.)
    - Express a few drops of milk after feeding and rub them into the skin
    - Soothies
    - Go topless as much as possible

    The course of treatment you mentioned- hot compress/cold compress/saline solution- sounds like it couldn't hurt.

    Please don't get discouraged. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Believe me- I nearly gave up when my daughter was 2 weeks old. 2 years later, she's still nursing. I am convinced that many newborn problems are due to the tiny size of newborn mouths. As your baby grows, his/her mouth will grow and s/he will be able to latch on nice and deeply. Once that happens, nursing will be easy! Hang in there!!!

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    Default Re: White nodule/blister on nipple

    i struggled at first too. and it hurt bad. i would almost cry when i was feeding carter. but after about 2 weeks, its smooth sailing. stick with it.. it will be SO worth it!

    and the older they get, the faster they eat (no more 45 minute feeding sessions!!) my son is 8 1/2 months and he nurses on both sides in less than 8 or 10 minutes
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