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Thread: So i have to go back to work...

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    Default So i have to go back to work...

    Sigh...my LO is almost 3 months and i have to go back to work next week...sadness..i am dreading it wishing there was a way to never go back and stay home with her always...but my husband is in school and so i have no choice. He will get to be there with her when i am not (i am an RN and work nights, 3 days a week) but still...i am worried that she will want to BF and i won't be there and she will think i abandoned her!!! i know this isn't rationale but its how i feel.

    I am pumping at work and already have a good supply built up for when i go back. i am also worried about the "evening hours". My husband calls it the "boobie time" because my LO usually still wants to nurse at least every hour from about 6 to 9ish. and i know its just a closeness thing, i dont' think she is actually hungry. but when i am not there to BF here i don't know if the bottle will cut it. She takes my milk in a bottle good for her daddy (and no one else!)

    sigh..just looking for some support and a little advice! sorry so long!
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    Default Re: So i have to go back to work...

    I go back to school for my last semester in Sept(and working PT) and I'm dreading every second of it...

    I have two things that I do, or have others do, when I am not there to comfort nurse...I have a small, soft blankie that I lay across my lap when I nurse lo. When he falls asleep, I pull the blanket up and wrap it around us for a little while before I lay him down. I go everywhere with the blanket. So if I need a sitter, they get the blankie along with lo. If he is fussy, or doing the "boob" song, I have them wrap him in the blankie and hold him close. I also have them use a bink or paci to "trick" him in a sense. It helps my lo stay calm. Every baby is different though. I plan on getting him into more of a routine, night bath etc...I'm sure if he is on a schedule, the transition will go much better. Either way, it stinks for Mama

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    Default Re: So i have to go back to work...

    Not sure if you are still reading this thread. I go back in 2 weeks. Just wondering how it went for you. I LOVE the blanket idea and think I'll start doing that!

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