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    So for as long as my little one has been around she's been clamping down. But a few weeks ago she started biting. I read on this website not to yell no. Simply patienly remove the nipple from the mouth and say "Oh your not hungry and take the breast away. However today reaction got the best of me. I shouted (not really that loud) Ouch! Now I've been trying for weeks to make my lo laugh at me. I've used silly faces and all sorts of things, with no results. When I yell ouch though she laughed!!! I can't believe it!! I just had to tell someone.
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    That's too funny! I too am trying to tease out a laugh with no luck ... maybe next time I get the "clamp" I'll try your approach ... LOL!
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    of all things to make her smile!

    Some mom's have to set baby on the floor or away from them, or take a break nursing for awhile for their LO to get the point!
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