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Thread: Sore nipple and a blister?

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    Question Sore nipple and a blister?

    My left nipple has been really sore today. I never really looked to see why until I took my shower. There is a small blister, scab, something. Looks like dd2 might have bit me or her tooth rested there I do not know. I just know my nipple and that one spot hurts. I never had any breast issue until now.

    My question is since there is no blood should I let her continue to nurse on the left side or give it a breather for a few feedings?
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    sometimes that blister or sore can start to bleed when baby is feeding. i always preferred to skip a time or two on that breast and let a little expressed breastmilk heal the sore nipple. by then, at least mine did, the nipple was back to normal...

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    Even if there was blood, you would still be fine using that side. Bloody milk will not hurt your baby.

    Hope you feel better soon!
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