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Thread: Should I Pump When I Go Back to work - baby is 17 months

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    Smile Should I Pump When I Go Back to work - baby is 17 months

    Hey everyone -
    I am a teacher and about to start working again in a few weeks. Last school year I pumped and pumped and it seemed to work out well. Well, Noah is now 17 months and he isn't BF much anymore, mostly just BF before a nap, bedtime, comfort, etc.
    My question is should I still pump during my breaks at work? I honestly have no idea how much milk I have left at all? Sometimes i feel like there is barely any coming out, maybe 1 let down, and he falls asleep quick with the breast so thats just how it goes. I don't mind pumping but is is worth it? I have no idea. I honestly can't believe that I am still BF but I am so happy and he is too and I would like him to wean on his own I think. Lots of questions and thoughts!!!

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    Default Re: Should I Pump When I Go Back to work - baby is 17 months

    Hi Mama,

    It's up to you... depends on what you think will be best for your situation.

    But, it is totally possible for you to not pump and then still nurse while you are together. Lots of moms with older nurslings do that. Actually I am planning to do that - ds is 26 months old. I have been off work for the past 8 weeks. Priot to being off I was down to one pumping a day but only getting like 3 oz from that one. Now that I have been home we've been nursing more in the day. But, when I go back I am planning to get to not pumping at work. It may take a little bit of getting your body used to the new routine so I'll probably bring my pump just incase those first few days and then pump a little just for comfort if starting to feel uncomfortable.

    Or, if you want to get back at pumping, then pump as before.


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    Default Re: Should I Pump When I Go Back to work - baby is 17 months

    Congrats on making it so far. I say put that pump to sleep.
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