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Thread: Constipation, and more constipation

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    Default Re: Constipation, and more constipation

    Here's the recipe for the prunes:

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    Question Re: Constipation, and more constipation

    I tried prunes last night, and again today, and he will not eat them. He is usually good about trying new things, but he actually cried when I tried to feed them to him. The only other thing he will not eat are peas.

    I guess I have no choice but to try the flax seed oil. How much should I give?
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    Default Re: Constipation, and more constipation

    I was not suggesting you give up solids altogether. Only give up the ones we know constipate babies. All the time. From your original post that would be rice cereal and Bananas. Rather than try to remedy with a bunch of other things, if you just removed those two specific things from the diet and replaced with other new first foods that are higher in fiber, like pears and plums it would probably cease to be an issue.

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