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Thread: Need help ASAP!

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    Default Need help ASAP!

    I can't get a let-down! My lo is so frustrated, she will suck, pull off, scream, a continuous cycle. I have been dealing with a slow let-down, but nothing like this. I know there is milk in there I can feel it and I know she is hungry she hasn't eaten since 10:30am (had a let-down) and it is going on 2pm. We have been trying since noon. I have tried to relax, even took a break from it for a while before the screaming started. Tried pumping for 30 min. - nothing. and I barely got out 1 oz. I tried not to feed her the oz. from the bottle because I knew that would make it worse, but I did and she sucked it down and she is still hungry, but nothing is happening. What do I do? She is still hungry

    I have an OALD, and she is use to it and won't eat until she gets it.

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    Let-down cues that have proven helpful

    Use all of your senses to facilitate let-down. Concentrate on the sight, sound, smell and feel of your baby. Have a certain beverage that you drink (the sense of taste) at the beginning of every nursing session, have a certain song that you listen to, etc.

    Directly before nursing:

    * Take a warm shower or bath prior to nursing.
    * If you are in any pain, consider taking some Advil or Tylenol about 30 minutes before you expect to nurse. Pain can cause stress and inhibit let-down.
    * Choose a calm, less distracting setting for nursing.
    * Turn on some music that you enjoy.
    * Undress baby to his diaper and yourself from the waist up to increase skin-to-skin contact.
    * Get something to drink, like a glass of water or a cup of tea.
    * Sit in a comfortable chair with arm support and good back support or better, nurse while lying down.
    * Get in a warm bath with baby and nurse there.
    * Before putting baby to breast, massage your breasts and do some nipple rolls and gentle tugging. Moist heat on the breasts should be helpful, too. See "Assisting the Milk Ejection Reflex" in this information on the Marmet technique of manual expression.
    * Reverse pressure softening helps let-down for some moms.

    During nursing:

    * Deep breathe or use other relaxation techniques at the beginning of a feeding, like the techniques that are taught for childbirth
    * Singing or humming can also speed let-down.
    * Use visualization. Take several deep breaths and close your eyes as you begin. Try to visualize and "feel" what the let-down response feels like for you (if you normally feel anything). Some women imagine their milk flowing or use images of waterfalls. Some women concentrate on looking at baby's soft little hand moving at mom's breast, with fingers curled under. Some women use visualizations such as being on the beach or any other relaxing place. Use all five senses; imagine the sights, smells such as the salt air, sensations such as the feel of the sand under you or the warmth of the sun on your skin, imagine tastes and what you might hear too. An excellent book on visualization techniques is Mind Over Labor by Carl Jones.
    * The opposite can also be helpful: watch TV, talk on the phone, read a book, etc. - whatever will relax you and get your mind off it.
    * Place a heating pad on your shoulders and back. Get someone else to massage your back and shoulders before and while you nurse.
    * Switch nurse: move baby back and forth frequently between breasts until let-down occurs
    * Continue to massage and use breast compression as you nurse.

    When my baby is really upset and won't latch on, it helps to strip myself topless and strip her down to her diaper and cuddle and nurse that way. The skin contact might help calm her and help your letdown.


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    Default Re: Need help ASAP!

    Have you tried a hot shower? Also, sometimes if I sing I will get a let down.
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    Default Re: Need help ASAP!

    ITA with Molly. Try to skin-to-skin. That should relax you both. You can also try a warm towel.

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    Default Re: Need help ASAP!

    I was haveing this problem a while ago while pumping and what I ended up doing was relaxing (hard I know), closing my eyes and visualizing the milk coming out. I did work for me!

    Good Luck
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    When I was having that problem and nothing else would work, my LC suggested one of those little hand held back massager things that you can get at Target for like $10. It worked! Probably better than a lot of other things I tried. And the vibrating noise would seem to calm him down a bit if he was getting fussy due to no milk...

    It also works really well with pumping too!

    Good luck!

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    Molly's post had lots of great suggestions. I also remember reading that it helps to always go to the bathroom b4 nursing or pumping, because if you need to go, it can inhibit a let down. I know that it helped me when I was pumping at work, so maybe...just maybe in addition to all the other suggestions, it might at least help a little.

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