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    How is all my relactating friends doing?

    What amount are you all up too?

    Im still hangin in there. I havent been counting oz latley maybe i will do that tomarrow.

    I have been going longer betweek pumpings to try not to pump as many times but trying to get as much out as i can. I have usually been pumping for 30min though to get it all out.
    I think i may be having 2 let downs also. My 1st not too long after i start and then i have been trying to go till i dont see anymore drops and then a few more min, well i have noticed that after the drops towards the end i get another let down.

    I am only on my 2nd pump for the day and here it is almost 12:30 i feel bad, but sister and her man or ex-man as of today are fighting and she wanted me over to help pack his things and so i am late in my pumping for today.I have been going every 4-5 hrs 6 sometimes during the day, i have been getting anywhere from 4-6oz regular pump sometimes i get 7-8oz and morning pump is usually 8-10oz

    I did give in and give her formula because she was sick and throwing up, we had to take her to the hospital and she stayed because she was dehidrated(sp?) and i ran out of milk just after she was discharged and was afraid she would get it again so i bought the ready mix can and gave her a couple bottles of it. She didnt like it. i gave her the bottle and she tasted it and said, what is it? i told her it was formula and she had to drink it cause mommy didnt have enough milk for her. She got mad said no and threw the bottle All i could do was laugh under my breath and tell dh about it and he thought i was just exagerating. She ended up drinking it, but didnt like it. she did the same thing the next day for dh so he finally realized I was for real. Shes 20 mo old now and he didnt think she could talk like that. It may take a min to process what she is saying but she is talking.
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    poor baby hope she feels better soon. were making good progress here almost off the supplement bottles. it was easier to get trevor back on the breast since he wasnt fully weaned. my supply had just dropped very low due to my health problems. i try to pump when hes taking a long nap but you kow how it is sometimes things come up and you feel like you will never get to sit down. my daughter whos 11 i had to take her shopping yesterday shes going away for 2 weeks with hubbys mom to visit his 2 sisters that live out of state. she needed to get her back to school shopping done anyway. were looking for a bigger place with at least 2 bathrooms. and at least 4 bedrooms. looked at a place yesterday kitchen is small but it does have a dining room. i liked that it has an attached garage right off the kitchen. something that will put my husband on cloud 9. and wood heat, which is nice with fuel prices. not sure if we put an offer on it we may just stay here till we get through the winter. its a rental property so its going to need alot of cleaning just to move it before we even get through just making it our own with carpet and painting. and one of my other sons whos almost 13, we had a parent meeting last night at the school for the kids in fall sports. trevor woke up at 430 this morning. i get up to find our refrigerator died or was well on its way. lucky for us we kept the one when we moved in here and it still works. so now ive gotta go shopping for a new refrigerator to. and still have back to school shopping to do and round up the older kiddies stress myself out for a day and get that finished. i hope i get time for a nice long hot shower tonite.

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