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Thread: stopped gaining weight - please help

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    Default stopped gaining weight - please help

    hi ladies

    ds is just about 5 months old now and hasn't really put on weight in the last 2 weeks. he still nurses every 2.5 to 3 hrs and seems to be happy in terms of getting enough from me. and he has at least 7 wet diapers a day, but only poops every other day, but the poops are MASSIVE. (like i will have to put a new diaper under him half-way because the first one gets too full.) he hates to poop in his diaper; he'll wait until he really needs to go and once the diaper gets opened up he goes

    dh has always been so concerned with weight gain since ds was born, so much so that we have an infant scale in our bathroom and we weigh him a few times a week before bath time. in the past 2 weeks, he has stayed right around 15lbs 8 ozs...

    a couple of other notes:

    - ds has been sleeping thru the night (at least 8-10 hrs) for a while now, so no more night feedings

    - i work 3-4 days a week and pump. our nanny feeds him on demand and he'll eat anywhere from 7oz to 12 oz in the span of 6 hrs when i'm away.

    - my milk supply definitely feels not as great as it once was. i used to be engorged in the middle of the night, but now they are full but not uncomfortably so. ds used to choke on my letdown because there was so much milk, but he doesn't really do that anymore. and after the first 2 morning feeds my boobs tend to feel flabby and deflated.

    does the lack of weight gain sound normal to you at this stage? we read that he should be gaining 1/2 oz per day (after 4 mos of age). he was doing that steadily for quite some time but then all of a sudden stopped. he is very happy and healthy though and doesn't seem to be hungry after he is done nursing.

    dh has gotten me really stressed out over this so i am reaching out for answers! thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: stopped gaining weight - please help

    If DS is happy, has adequate wets and poops (sounds like he does) and your ped isn't worried, then I wouldn't worry. IME, as your supply regulates and adjusts to DS demand you'll notice not feeling nearly as full as you did in those early weeks/months. You are less full at night now because your body knows that DS doesn't need milk at night. I found that my DDs weight gain ebbed and flowed with periods of growth spurts and slow downs, so that any one given day/week would seem particularly high/low, but over the course of say a month she averaged out. I always found the growth calculator on http://www.kellymom.com very helpful for seeing average gain over a period of time.
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    Default Re: stopped gaining weight - please help

    My best advice for you is to throw that scale right out the window! You need to stop weighing the baby all the time. It's not necessary, and it will only cause you to worry if baby weighs any more or less than your dh thinks he should.

    If your baby has plenty of wet and poopy diapers, is happy and content, hasn't been ill recently, and is meeting milestones , then I'd guess that he's just developing his own growth curve. 2 weeks of not alot of growth doesn't really mean alot. Now if it were a couple of months, then MAYBE...and I mean MAYBE there'd be a reason to be concerned, but even then, probably not if it was only a couple of months.

    If you think about it, even adults weight will flucuate from hour to hour throughout the day, and from day to day throughout the week....that's why when we're dieting, we're supposed to only weigh ourselves once a week and at the same time and in the same way every time. Even when I weigh myself throughout the course of a week, I find I weigh less in the morning after sleeping...a couple of pounds less, so if you're weighing baby after sleeping through the night, he'll likely look like he weighs less because he hasn't eaten all night. Overnight, you burn alot of calories, and I'd guess that's true for babies AND adults.

    I'd guess that your baby will probably gain weight in the next couple of weeks, and his weight gain overall over a couple of months will be right where it needs to be. If you're dh is REALLY concerned, and won't give up the scale, I'd suggest you bring it up with baby's doctor. The doctor will probably even tell him to give up the scale and focus on baby's health instead of what the scale reads every day. Some weeks a baby might not gain alot, but then then next week or 2 they'll gain double...it's really not a big deal normally.
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    Default Re: stopped gaining weight - please help

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*brady View Post
    dh has gotten me really stressed out over this so i am reaching out for answers! thanks for any advice!
    tell your dh to weigh himself every day. Heck, ask him to weigh himself 3 times in one day. What will he notice? He will undoubtedly notice that his weight fluctuates throughout the day, and throughout the week. That's completely normal.

    Stop weighing him so often I would suggest once every 2 weeks at his age is more than enough.

    Quote taken from kellymom.com
    Babies grow in spurts rather than at a steady rate - to keep from needless worrying, it's generally best to weigh baby no more often than once a week.
    And back to your original question - I think that if he has lots of wets, is generally happy and healthy, than you have nothing to worry about. Just keep an eye on it. A lot of babies slow down their "gainage" (is that even a word?) when they approach 6 months. Each baby is different and the "charts" are only a guide.

    also, here is the growth chart for breastfed babies. Maybe plotting his growth will give you a 'curve' to look at

    It sounds like you're doing great mama! Keep us updated!

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    Default Re: stopped gaining weight - please help

    thanks everyone!

    so i think one of the major reasons my milk has seemed a little low is because my period just came back, and it's back with a vengeance

    i showed the responses to my dh and he was like, ok, ok. ds has put on a few ounces since i posted so dh was feeling better about it.

    i am hoping that my milk gets a little more voluminous after AF leaves. i am a little behind on pumping vs. the nanny. i try to replenish my small stock everyday with at least what he took in that day, but i wasn't able to get much yesterday so i am trying to make it up next week. that alone stresses me out, but thankfully i am with lo on my own a few days a week and i get him to nurse as often as possible to help my supply.

    so we will see. not happy that AF has returned; it was nice not to see her for 5 months after ds arrived

    on another note, ds just turned 5 mos and i can't believe i made it this long! neither can dh. he thought i would give up after a few weeks, but here we are still going strong. yeah!

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