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    i will not be going back to work until dd is 20months, but i may supply a time or two a month from 12 months on (she is 7 mos now). i am wondering by 12 mos, how frequ. they feed....and if she is accustomed to having when she wants what will happen the day im not there......how can i provide without giving a bottle, the woman she will stay with is like a granny to her so she wont be with a stranger and we'll do small amounts of time with her practice runs.............or dad will take a sick day
    this notion crossed my mind this morning while feeding her and made me a bit anxious...................ideas please

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    It depends on how many hours you'll be gone. By 12 months she might be eating plenty solids and/or nursing less frequent. You should feed her right before you leave her and if it's less than 3-4 hrs maybe leaving some solids, water and if you want some milk in a sippy and nurse her as soon as you pick her up; if it's like a whole day you should leave her milk then. It's only going to be once or twice a month, right?, she should do fine then.

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