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Thread: Almost 8 months, not really starting solids yet

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    Default Almost 8 months, not really starting solids yet

    So far nobody is pressuring me to start solids with my not so little guy (8 months next week, about 25 lbs). But we'll be seeing both sets of grandparents within the next month and I just KNOW the questions are going to start.

    Here's the thing. I've been reading that one of the readiness signs is sitting up unsupported. While Chance is perfectly capable of doing so, he doesn't want to and therefore doesn't do it. If I put him on his butt between my legs, he flings himself backwards or to one side; he's more interested in rolling and figuring out how to crawl than sitting in one place. The biggest problem with the sitting is we have a traditional wooden high chair and he can scoot himself way down in it, then cries cause he's uncomfortable (duh) and wants to sit on my lap. Fine except then it's hard for me to eat and keep his fingers out of my food. He also doesn't have a pincer grasp at all yet, which I'm not all that worried about. He's young yet, lol. He's definitely interested in what's on our plates but would rather squish things in his fingers than eat them. Again, not something I'm worried about.

    Chance likes the solids we've tried - avocado, banana, pumpkin, oatmeal, zucchini, green beans, cherries, plum, and apricot - but doesn't eat very much (*maybe* a teaspoon or two). He'll suck mashed up things off my finger but doesn't like spoons. Food in his hand gets played with and then mashed into the high chair tray (very rare) or the carpet. I keep hearing to offer what we eat but I use lots of garlic and onion and spices so it's hard to figure out what's okay to give him and what's not.

    Am I on the right track here? Offer lots of plain things for him to play with and not worry about it till his physical development catches up with his size? As far as the relatives, I know to tell them the current AAP and WHO recommendations for nursing but my dad can be pushy.

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    Default Re: Almost 8 months, not really starting solids yet

    I think what you are doing sounds fine. His "playing" will lead to eating. He is discovering different things and that is what is important IMO. HIs pincer will develop with practice while playing w/ the food. DD has perfected hers beautifully over the past couple of months.
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    Default Re: Almost 8 months, not really starting solids yet

    That's pretty much what were doing, except my DD doesn't really like anything so far! She loves squishing the different textures in her fingers and chewing on slices of fruit and veggies, but she shows no interest in actually consuming anything but BM ! IMO, I think we're both on the right track . It's good to expose them to new things, but not push it. They'll eat when they're ready !

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