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Thread: best guard rails for cosleeping?

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    Default best guard rails for cosleeping?

    For those of you who cosleep, where did you purchase your guard rails/which ones do you think are best? I have to purchase a new one because I have to give back the one that I borrowed up until now. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: best guard rails for cosleeping?

    We have our bed flesh against the wall and DD sleeps between the wall and me. I feel this is actually better than a guard rail since now she can pull herself up and I don't think a guard rail would work anymore. Since she started rolling over, I started putting her in a crib for naps. HTH

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    Default Re: best guard rails for cosleeping?

    We love ours from the catalog/website "One Step Ahead".

    Get the extra long one that fit a queen bed, they are great and have mesh side so if LO rolls against one during the night they can still breathe!
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    Default Re: best guard rails for cosleeping?

    We have the one step ahead one too. HTH.

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