My lo is doing something different and I'm not sure if it's cluster feeding or whether i'm misunderstanding her cues. She use to sleep very soundly never really moving unless she needed to be nursed. She would start to squirm and make little noises. Usually about every 2 hrs. THe last few nights she starts usually about 4 am doing this behaviour. We co-sleep so I slide her into position and she opens wide like a birdie and latches on. Usually only wanting one breast. When she's full she falls back asleep for another hour. Than starts doing the same behaviour. Every hour until she wakes up. A soother is not what she wants she just continues squirming and i've tried giving her a fresh diaper (which wakes her up) but she usually takes the other side and goes straight back to sleep and continues wanting to nurse every hour. Now she's on her fourth bout of thrush and is being treated but usually she slows down how much she's eating until her mouth starts to feel better. Is this cluster feeding or is it something else?