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Thread: Going away for a week- Do I need to wean?

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    Default Going away for a week- Do I need to wean?

    My husband and I are going to Europe for a dear friend's wedding in one month. We will be gone for a week and I am leaving my 8 mo old son with my mom. He is still nursing 3 times a day (am, 1pm and night) and I really don't want to wean him yet! But I also don't want to leave him to have a hard week without me there. Any advice on what I should do? Do I have any options other than to wean him? (He won't take a bottle but will drink from a sippy cup.) Please help!

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    Default Re: Going away for a week- Do I need to wean?

    What does he drink in the sippy cup? Do you pump? I would say that if you want to continue nursing upon return, and avoid any breast engorgment on your trip you should take a pump along. I wish I had an answer as to how he will handle the week away from you and DH. Has he been away from you overnight before?
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    Default Re: Going away for a week- Do I need to wean?

    Is there any way that you can take him (and maybe your mom for childcare purposes) along with you on the trip? That would probably be the easiest option on all of you, but it may not be an option.

    If not, then I would take a pump and express milk for the feedings he would normally take. You will probably have to 'pump and dump' since you won't be able to take the milk home with you, so it would just be for the purpose of maintaining your supply.

    How much frozen expressed milk do you have? When I was planning to return to work I would pump every morning after feeding my twins and saved that 'extra' milk in the freezer. Morning is often a good time to pump since supply can be highest then. So I would also try to work up a bit of a stockpile of frozen milk for him to have while you are gone.

    From what I have heard, a lot of breastfed babies will refuse to nurse when the mom comes home after an absence, so you might have to be a little 'tricky' to get him back to the breast. By tricky, I mean that you might have to try tactics that people use when their little ones go on a nursing strike (i.e. put the baby to the breast when he is sleepy, etc.).

    I know of other moms who have gone on trips when their little ones were the same age as yours and they did continue to nurse afterward. It might cause some difficulties in your breastfeeding relationship, but if you are aware of that then you can prepare for it in advance.

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    Default Re: Going away for a week- Do I need to wean?

    I haven't been gone that long, but I was gone from DD for 3 days/2 nights when she was that age and had no problem resuming BF when I returned. She received EBM when I was gone and I pumped to maintain my supply and keep from getting engorged. I think if your son takes a sippy then using EBM in a sippy would be fine.
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