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Thread: when did you introduce a sippy cup?

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    Default when did you introduce a sippy cup?

    just curious.

    did you introduce it with expressed bm? or did you wait until your lo was ready for another liquid such as water?

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    Default Re: when did you introduce a sippy cup?

    I tryed it around 6 months. I used BM and 90% water and 10% juice. She really just played with it untill 8 months old.

    My boys (who wernt BF) they used a sippy around 5 months old. They too had milk (formula) and juice/water.

    So I guess we're no help
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    Default Re: when did you introduce a sippy cup?

    At 8 mos Luke was learning the sippy. I just gave him water in it when he had "meals". He used it pretty well by 10 mos. When he weaned at 12.5 mos he drank bm in the sippy.

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