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Thread: question about other liquids

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    Default question about other liquids

    Just thinking ahead a little bit here. DS is 8 mos and still nurses 7-8 times per day. I am not planning on weaning anytime soon and plan to go as long as DS wants to.

    Based on reading these boards, it seems like it's pretty common for LO's to nurse less around a year - like 3-5 times per day. If that happens to us, how do I know if/when I need to start offering other liquids or formula? Another way of asking this is, what is the minimum number of times he needs to nurse in 24 hrs before I need to worry about giving him extra liquids or formula for nutrition? I've looked on kellymom and can't seem to find a good answer to this - maybe I didn't look hard enough though.

    And after a year, do I just start offering water or cow's milk if he's nursing less? How will I know how much to give him? Will that contribute to earlier weaning because he won't need/want the breast as much for thirst quenching?
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    Default Re: question about other liquids

    I have gone as low as 4 times a day without offering anything else. With my kids, as they got older I would give them a cup of water if they were at a family meal so they would feel included. If your LO is still nursing 7-8 times a day I wouldn't bother unless he is demanding other peoples' drink at meals. My 11 month old still nurses 6-7 times a day and the only time I give her a drink of water is if she starts trying to grab mine or we have a car ride on a very hot day. Spilling it all over herself keeps her cool.
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    Default Re: question about other liquids

    For extra fluids we offer water, or diluted juice. Very rarely now at 21 months we will offer cows' milk, soy milk, or rice milk. Not so much for nutrients, but for just a change of pace. Too much cow's milk can lead to anemia.

    I think its important to watch diapers. You don't have to offer liquids to ensure hydration. Fresh fruits and vegetables have very high water content. On the days my son eats watermelon he is peeing ALL the time!! So look to the solid food intake aswell for nutrients. I wouldn't think you would need to consider formula if your child is still nursing even 3-5 times a day @ 1 year.

    By one year you really should be able to follow their lead. A child will drink when thirsty and eat when hungry for the most part.
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    Default Re: question about other liquids

    I have continued to offer water in a sippy, throughout the day, to my DS since he could use it. But he is a BIG drinker. When he was nursing he'd nurse about every 2-3 hours (yes this was from about 1 mo old until he weaned at 23 mo) and still took cups and cups of water (which got shots of juice now and then) all day.

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    Default Re: question about other liquids

    We started to offer water in a sippy at 8 mos with meals. Just so he could learn the cup. At 1 year I noticed he was peeing alot less. I was concerned but he was still nursing 5-6 times a day. I think their bodies just start absorbing more. I agree that offering a drink at a meal is a good introduction. They can get used to that idea and drink then if they are thirsty. But if they are nursing alot they really shouldnt need the extra fluids.
    Also if you are thinking replacement nutrition for bm due to lesser feedings, it doesnt just have to be liquids. Luke wont really drink milk but he eats cheese and yogurt. Just make sure he has a pretty balanced diet including food and liquids and you will be fine.

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