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Thread: Combination Feeding

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    My milk was fine. I do have a Lipase issue, but it was scalded prior to feeding. My problems is pumping at work. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do it this school year. I was going to do combination feeding and give her formula once a day instead of pumping. Mainly because it will be difficult with my schedule this year and i hate to pump. She's 10 months, so I can stick it out 2 more months.
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    hey if you cann't pump at work then you cann't pump at work!
    Nothing wrong with that.
    Some babies will get realy smart and just wait for mom to get back,
    Some will nurse alot a night too...
    You guys will figure out what works for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Differjean View Post
    I consider combination feeding (at least it's what came up when searching) to be BFed when home and bottle/cup fed formula(or milk) when away.
    That is what I was thinking when I mentioned "combination feeding". My lo will have 2 bottles during the day - and while as much as those as possible will be BM, some will be formula since I won't be pumping at work.

    I would love to be able to nurse all weekend - no bottles. But, I am so afraid that come Monday I am going to be so sore and uncomfortable!! (Like I was today when I finally went from skipping one nursing session to skipping 2) I guess I will just play it by ear - maybe I will nurse one weekend just to see what happens.
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    I'm going to try only bf when w/ my lo and see how I feel. I'm just not a bottle feeding momma. Nothing wrong w/ it - just not for me. I never gave my first baby bottles when I was with him - I always noticed that my supply diminished during the week but picked up over the weekend. Of course, I pumped w/ that baby - won't be w. this one -- we'll see.

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