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Thread: Can lipase issues show up later?

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    Default Can lipase issues show up later?

    I didn't figure out that I have a possible lipase issue until today and my DS is 8 months old. Early July he started drinking less and less of his bottles at daycare. Then we went on vacation for almost 2 weeks. Since we've been back he'll only take around 1 - 2oz a day. It's causing major issues at daycare cuz he's super fussy.

    But how come I didn't realize this or suspect it until now? Can it really not show up until later? Or does it have something to do with introducing solids?

    I just think it's weird that he always took a bottle until recently.

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    Default Re: Can lipase issues show up later?

    It could be a solids thing, but my first thought was teeth.

    Is he teething? Does he get a cup as well? Maybe it's time to change nipple size or just shift to a cup for the majority of feedings??
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    Default Re: Can lipase issues show up later?

    He's been teething on and off for months, but he doesn't seem to be now. I even took him to the doctor last week to rule out teething, cold, ear infection, etc. Nothing is wrong with him. So then I just thought it was separation anxiety. That is...until I tasted a bottle that I had pumped 24 hours prior. YUCK!

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