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Thread: when did you start giving wheat?

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    Default when did you start giving wheat?

    I've read on kellymom and other sources that you can start giving wheat containing foods between 9-12 mos. I'm assuming this means regular pasta too although I've been too lazy to actually go to my cupboard and look at a box of pasta and actually see what's in it. I think most regular noodles contain wheat, right? Anyway, did anyone give wheat sooner or later than 9-12 months and why?
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    Default Re: when did you start giving wheat?

    well we gave white and wheat bread, and pumpernickel between 7-8 months i wasn't tooo concrned about alergies but we watched for signs of sensitivity
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    Default Re: when did you start giving wheat?

    dd had it around 7-8 mos as well, no problems. we don't have allergy issues in our family, though. I don't give her much, she prefers meats, fruit, & veggies anyway, but since she wants everything I'm eating, she'll get a little bread as well.
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    Default Re: when did you start giving wheat?

    Gave DS wheat after he turned 12 mo.

    Before then he ate rice pasta.
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