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Thread: vent: mil watching while pumping

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    Default vent: mil watching while pumping

    Sorry, can't believe this so I need to vent.

    I left my dd with my mil for 3 hours today as a trial run for going back to work on Mon. When I came back home, dd was asleep and I really needed to pump. The most comfortable place to pump is at the computer desk or chair next to it, so I started to get everything ready, and started to attach the hair elastic for hands free pumping. Meanwhile, my mil came and sat in the other chair and just stared at what I was doing, and said it looked very funny. Yes, it does, but I do not need her staring at my nipples while I'm attaching the pump! We do have a small house, so I don't mind her being in the room, but there is a couch next to the TV or the kitchen table to sit out, not right next to me! I pulled my tshirt down over it as much as possible, but it wasn't the most comfortable situation I've been in.

    I think next time I'll just go in the bedroom which isn't as comfortable to reach a plug, but hopefully she'll get the message.

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    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    My SIL used to do that!!!

    I was like "Well I guess if you wanna look...then go ahead and look!" (And btw, anyone that wants to sit there and watch while your poor breast is being sucked into those shields there deserves what they see!)

    It made me uncomfortable too, but I'm not going to go out of my way in my own house to make HER feel comfortable!!

    I got over it pretty fast.
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    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    On the positive side, it seems your MIL is very comfortable to be around pumping/nursing. I think some moms would be offended if their MIL intentionally left the room while they were pumping Maybe not, though. I don't know what the proper behavior is in regards to pumping. Maybe it's more private than nursing...

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    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    I think breastfeeding is one thing. People should be comfortable being around that. Pumping is pretty private though. I have no problem with my husband being around, but if my MIL tried to be in the room, I would ask her to leave. I've shared the nursing mothers' room at work with other mothers, and I have no problem with that, but I know a lot of other mothers at my job don't feel comfortable even with another pumping mother in there with them. It is a bit awkward.

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    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    I've pumped everywhere. I've pumped while playing board games at friends' houses, while eating dinner at my parents' house, etc. etc. You know what helped me - and them? I threw on my Hooter Hider so that no one could see/had to see what was happening. BTW, my little nieces (3 and 4 years old) are very intrigued by the machine and what I'm doing. They know all about their aunt pumping milk for their little cousin Rory. And they are equally entranced when I'm nursing her, too! Lots of questions and curiosity. Very healthy for them to see it, I think. And both SILs BF their children.

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    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    WHile i know perfectly well that breastfeeding is natural I would feel uncomfortable pumping in front of MIL. I would politely ask you to sit on another chair as 'I feel uncomfortable pumping infront of you'.
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    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    My MIL used to come sit next to me while I was b/f and put her head down by the baby for a closer look. That bothered me so much (it just felt intrusive on a private, intimate time with dd) that when she's here and I have to pump I just take the whole kit and caboodle to the bathroom and leave her to her own devices.
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    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*fabmom View Post
    My MIL used to come sit next to me while I was b/f and put her head down by the baby for a closer look.
    It used to bother me when I first started breastfeeding George, my oldest son, but by the time I had nursed him for 2 years and started nursing little Fred, I could've cared less

    I don't think I could pump in front of someone else, because 2 me, it kind of feels unnatural anyway...necessary if you need to be away from baby for a length of time, but uncomfortable and unnatural anyway, so it would be hard for me to get a let down anyway.

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    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    Thanks everyone, it's good to know that others have had similar problems.

    While I have no problem nursing in front of people, I feel pumping shows a lot more, hence being more uncomfortable. Of course, there are many other things/problems that all add up with my mil. I'm off to work tomorrow, so I may have other pumping issues. I have my own office but no blinds on the windows so people can look in. I'll keep you posted!

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    Oh FFS!

    Default Re: vent: mil watching while pumping

    Have them put some up for you. Shouldn't be a big deal.

    As for MIL, it would be one thing if she were there having a conversation and not focusing on what you were doing, quite another for her to just stare and say that it looked funny. Sorry mama.

    Good luck tomorrow!!

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