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Thread: Co-Sleeping Questions

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    DS has always slept in our room, but didn't sleep in our bed consistently until 7 months. At that point, we started bringing him to bed after his first night waking, I (finally) learned how to nurse lying down, and I became much more okay and less resentful of his night nursing. After he turned two and I was pregnant, we gently encouraged night weaning by giving water to drink and not always nursing as the first option. At 2 and a half, he usually sleeps at least 8 hours on his own, and sometimes the full 9-10 that he typically sleeps. For us, having him in his own bed at the beginning of the night was key for DH and I being happy with co-sleeping. It gives us time to enjoy having our bed to ourselves and still makes nighttime parenting easy.
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    I posted this in your other thread, and thought I would copy/paste it here as well


    we did modified co-sleeping with ds1 (bassinet next to the bed, then crib next to the bed and in with us sometimes)

    It was a little hard to get him into his own bed/room. To make the transition easier we would lay with him until he fell to sleep and if he woke up in the middle of the night he would come over with us. After a while we were able to lay with him for a few minutes of cuddle time and then he would be okay with us leaving and he would go to sleep on his own. At around 4 or 5 he no longer wanted/needed us to help him go to sleep (although I did find that having music really helped). It was a natural progression. We tried not to "rush" him. To be honest he is still welcome in our bed now, but he chooses not to

    Is he spoiled? No. Was he spoiled? No. Is he a great well-rounded independent 10 year old? Yes.

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