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Thread: It's Thrush.... so now what?

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    Here's a resource that may help you and here's another (pumped milk)
    Click here to find an LLL leader near you...or call 1 877 4 LA LECHE for help now.

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    We dealt with some pretty crummy thrush when my youngest was a little baby. For me, gentian violet and grape fruit seed extract saved my butt. Dr. Newman has some GREAT info on thrush (it's what I used to get rid of my thrush) and I cannot find the link right now!!! I used GFSE to wash everything and thankfully we didn't contract it again. Many hugs to you!

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    So it is possible to get rid of thrush? I'm sterilizing, washing in hot water, finally gave up on nyastatin and switched to gentian violet for this bout of thrush (we're on our 4th bout) and the dr's in this community told me there is no real way to cure it, it's just a matter of managing it until her own antibodies start taking over. Is there any truth to this??
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    Hummingbird. I sure hope it goes awy! But, I think it already is. By our 2nd day on the Nystatin, all the white was gone in her mouth. Dr. said to keep on treating for 3- 4 more days. We ARE going to beat this! Good luck to you too!
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