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Thread: 1 Year old - Still refusing solids!

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    Default 1 Year old - Still refusing solids!

    My little girl was 1 last week and is exclusively breastfed. I feed her about 5 times during the day and usually twice at night. She's never shown any interest in solids. She'll pick at finger food, but has never let me feed her from a spoon. She manages the equivilent of about 1 or 2 teaspoons a meal at most I suppose? Although it'd be nice to make a breakthrough with solids, I've not been stressing out too much as she's still be putting on weight - I've just been putting safe options in front of her for her to pick at and focused on giving as many new tastes as possible.

    She's never been a big baby - she was 6lb 11 born and is now 20lb 2. On the advice of my health visitor I've been taking her to be weighted every month to monitor her weight gain until she starts solids. Up until now she's always gainied well.

    My worry is this last time I've had her weighted she hasn't put on any weight - just stayed at 20lb 2 which is what she was 4 weeks ago. She's just started crawlng about 2 weeks ago so I was wondering if this might have an effect?

    I just feel like I've had the rug pulled from under me - although she wasn't eating anything I had the reasurrance she was putting on. Now this has gone I'm starting to fret!

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    Default Re: 1 Year old - Still refusing solids!

    I just posted a reply to this same message on the "introducing solids" forum.
    you can read it here

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