I EP for 4 weeks when I couldn't get my son to latch right and my nipples were very, very sore. I found that he would keep drinking from the bottle no matter how much I put in there, and then spit up. It does make it difficult to tell how much to give them! I did the calculations of 2.5 ozs per pound per day and put a little less than that in his bottle. Then since he might want more or less I could add more in as we went along. Sometimes he just wanted a snack and sometimes he wanted a big meal. Sometimes I would do what the PP did and give him a paci after he was done with his bottle to see if he was still hungry. He loved to suck so sometimes that is all he needed. He was gaining over 1 oz a day, so I just had to trust my judgement!

I then learned about reusing a bottle once before throwing out the milk. That was a relief! I know how time cosuming it is to pump and how much that milk means to both you and baby! The thought of throwing it out is heartbreaking!

Now 6 weeks after finally getting him to latch I can't get him to take a bottle or a pci. Figures! I have got to find an answer before I go back to work in 13 days!!!!!!