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    Buy a cast iron skillet! I make my spaghetti sauce in there. Sautee up the ground beef, add the tomato sauce and other ingredients. The acidic tomato really pulls iron from the skillet. I also puree up fresh spinach and add that. Put this sauce on a WHOLE GRAIN pasta. You can even buy pasta made of quinoa now!! So from that meal you are getting the iron in the meat, the iron from the skillet, the iron from the whole grains, and the iron from the spinach. Add to that the high vitamin C content from the tomato, you have a VERY high iron meal. We use penne pasta for Daniel, its easier to eat than spaghetti noodles.

    I personally don't think its necessary to pull her off of yogurt. There are lots of benefits of whole milk yogurt. I just don't offer it around when I'm offering iron sources, kwim? Usually dairy is a snack in our house, the meals contain the meat/iron, etc.

    Have you had her lead levels checked? I am pretty sure high lead can be hand in hand with iron deficient anemia.

    Kelly (MamaP) and I discovered on nutritiondata.com that Thyme (the herb) is high in iron! If you think about it, we use herbs for other things, like chamomile and lavendar for sleep. Why do we not look to herbs for other health issues? Thyme is so tasty too.
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    yup your right about the lead...
    Also toddlers that were born early can have lower lead.
    The thing about iron too if they have low iron they tend not to eat foods so its a cycle, that repeats itself if you don't get the iron corrected.
    also some acid reducing drugs affect your iron absorbtion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mama.p View Post
    I used this website to search for high iron foods. I was really surprised by how many there are. As the PP said, you definitely want to pair with high vitamin C foods whenever possible, as it doubles the absorption. Also though, iron from meat sources (heme iron) is more readily absorbed than iron from plant sources (non-heme iron), but also boosts the absorption of the non-heme iron, so whenever you give things like kidney beans, black beans (beans are a great source - the redder in color, the higher the iron), spinach, watermelon, etc. if you can pair them with some meat, that will give them even more of a bang. With your LO only being 9 mos. you may not be doing a lot of these foods yet, but some of our favorite high iron meals are spaghetti (I puree spinach and cooked ground beef), chili, and chicken (dark meat has more iron than white) with cantelope.

    We did iron supplements with DD for approximately 3 mos. and her levels barely got better (and she was consipated and we had to limit her foods to only those high in fiber as a result, eliminating most of the meat from her diet). 2 months of diet alone and she was back to normal levels. But I believe it was due to DD having a milk allergy that was aggravating her intestines. Which, as PP said, iron supplements will make worse, because it'll make them bleed. It's what actually finally pointed me to her problem with milk, as her peds had been telling me she wasn't allergic if she was only getting a diaper rash from it.
    Kelly, I forgot about your dd's suspected allergy. Did you determine that she did have one?

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    Nope, we've just been avoiding dairy for now, and I'll mention it to the ped again at her 2 year check-up. That's the plan for now anyway.

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