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Thread: Is this thrush?

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    Default Is this thrush?

    Is this thrush:

    - I have pain on the sides of my breasts starting under the armpit. Doesn't happen at all feedings, mostly just at night after she's done nursing.
    - I had itching in the past but no longer.
    - I had cracked nipples the first few weeks but they're healed now.
    - No other breast or nipple pain.
    - My daughter's tongue has a white coating.
    - My daughter clicks when nursing.

    Not sure if I should visit my pediatrician or try at home remedies first (vinegar solution, monistat, boiling pacifiers etc)? Interested to see if others had similar symptoms & how to treat...

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    hey momma

    Here is a page for thrush resources from Kellymom.com (sorry if you have seen it already)

    Here are some pics of thrush for you and baby

    I hope you find out what it is. We can also help you figure out what to do once you find out what it is thats bothering you
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    Typically thrush for you Mom would be shooting pain. Some mom's explain it as excrutiating nail biting pain, burning should continue for about 10 minutes after a feed..... Your nipples would be bright red or purple, you would def. notice a difference. You would see a pearlescent sheen to your nipple as well.

    My LO had thrush for 3 months early on and did not complain one bit about it. For him it never appeared on the tongue, rather his cheeks. Looked just like cottage cheese. Does not rub off. Just the tongue sounds like a milk coating. This is very common. HTH
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    We had thrush and it was much like you described... shooting pain, itching, clicking, etc. My LO only had it on his tongue and the doctor said it was not a bad case on his end. I was in quite a bit of pain though! If I were you, I would go to the doctor. I'm not a fan of meds, but I couldn't get it to go away without diflucan.
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    Does the white coating rub off if you very gently rub it? Is it just there after feedings? Lift the baby's lips gently and see if there are any white spots there. Yes, the white coating can just be a milk coating. That is why I ask about the lips and also if it is there just after the feedings. If you look at your tongue after drinking cow's milk it will have a similar coating.

    That said, there can be symptoms in the mom and not the baby, and also symptoms in the baby and not the mother. You don't need ALL the symptoms to have thrush, either. I personally had: burning pain in the breast, the armpit pain you describe, shooting pains, white coating on tongue and on baby's under lips, baby had yeast diaper rash (looks like spots, although spots could be other things), clicking noise at times, oh and itching.These things DID come and go. My baby didn't always have the white patches on the lips, for example. They would come and go.

    Here are my favourite resources on thrush, and they will also hopefully help determine what it is. I had thrush for a very long time, and I also noticed that symptoms would go off and on and have different ones at different times. It was with the resources I will link to that I got some help. The clicking could also be a latch problem. I would rule that out first. Is there a LLL leader or a lactation consultant or even another BF mom who has been successful at it who you can have watch you BF?

    I know you said you don't have any other nipple pain so some of the links might not apply but I gave it all to you so you can be the judge of what applies.

    Here is the main site I am getting it all from mostly under "breastfeeding help" http://www.drjacknewman.com/default.asp

    For latching: http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/When%20Latching.asp


    For Candida (thrush) info and other nipple pain:


    Let us know if you have more questions. Some doctors, unfourtunately, either don't know much about thrush and other breast problems in nursing moms (mine didn't) or they perscribe ineffective treatments that are out of date. So if you don't get help from your doctor, be persistent. I would recommend trying to find a local LLL leader or lactation consultant first. They can then help with any other problems (like latching) that may be all or part of the problem.

    If it IS thrush, I would also recommend you taking a probitotic. Found in the fridge in health food stores.
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