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Thread: which pump to buy??

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    Default which pump to buy??

    I currently own a 9 years old medela pis breast pump. I don't know if it's me not producing enough milk or the pump is not effective. I'm thinking about investing in a new pump. Should I get the new medela pis advance or the new Avent electrical double pump. I would like to keep one at work so I don't have to carry so many things to work. Anyone has good or bad experience with these or any other pump??? Don't want to spend too much $$$.

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    Default Re: which pump to buy??

    Have you considered the Ameda Purely Yours pump? It is excellent and costs about $150. I have both a PIS and the Purely Yours, and I prefer the Purely Yours. It is easier to clean and milk cannot back-up into the tubing.

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    Default Re: which pump to buy??

    From everything I've read and heard from other moms, IBCLCs and the discussions here, if I had it to do over again, I'd opt for the Ameda Purely Yours -- and I've been working with a Medela PIS Advanced for 16+ months now!

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    If your pump is 9yrs old, it's definitely time to invest in a new one. It's probably not effective anymore - the rubber parts can lose flexibility. There are several good pumps you can use (they've already been mentioned here), just stay away from those brands that have a parent company that also makes formula. Those companies have a vested interest in pumping failing for you (you'll buy formula, they'll make more money).
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    Default Re: which pump to buy??

    I love my Ameda. 12 months+ and going strong. Easy to clean, too Also-much more affordable than the PIS. Search the internet for good deals.

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    Default Re: which pump to buy??

    I second, third, and forth the pps. I love my Ameday PY and have been pumpint 2-4 times a day for 8 months. Its portable and I love that it uses batteries in case I cna't find a place to plug in!!!

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    Default Re: which pump to buy??

    I also have an Ameda Purely Yours pump and I absolutely love it. The cost is minimal ( $150) and it is easy to adjust to simulate your baby nursing It also has a discreet carrying case for those of us that have to drag it with us to work.

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    Default Re: which pump to buy??

    I have the PIS original. What I found out was (and I was very excited about this) was that although the PIS original retails for $250 ( a lot of money), our county health office sold them for $180 new (still much $ but better than 250). If you look in your phone book under goverment and then "Department of Health" or something like that they should be able to help you. It's worked great for me. I work full time and pump 2x each day. I started using it when I got home from the hospital to help my milk come in; I think my milk came in on day 5. Good luck with the pump decision!
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