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Thread: Medela Pump&Save bags

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    Default Medela Pump&Save bags

    Is anyone out there using Medela Pump & Save breastmilk bags?

    I have been pumping since May and have a freezer full of frozen milk. Today when my husband went to defrost some milk for our baby he noticed two things;
    1) there were spots inside the bags that look like freezer burn... and
    2) some of the bags looked like the zipper might have open!

    I have pumped and used two types of bags... the Medela bags have one zipper. The other brand has two zippers. The other brand of bags don't have the spots and the zippers have not opened up.

    What seems to happen with the Pump and Save bags is that while pumping directly into them some milk splashes on the zipper and when it freezes the milk expands and possibly pops the zipper apart...

    Has anyone used these bags and had this problem? Maybe I am crazy but now I am totally worried that my entire stash has gone bad and will need to be dumped... I am devastated!

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    Default Re: Medela Pump&Save bags

    I really don't like the Madela bags. The Lansinoh ones do seem to stay shut a lot better. If I were you, I would defrost the milk and taste it to see if it's okay. I would think if it tastes okay, it's probably fine.

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    Default Re: Medela Pump&Save bags

    I have used both but preferred the lansinoh bags hands down. I also have one of those first years break milk storage containers for storing break milk in the freezer. I think that helped prevent some of the freezer burn with mine even in the deep freezer.

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    Default Re: Medela Pump&Save bags

    I agree, I would test the milk you suspect has freezer burn. I've experienced a few bags of milk with circles in them, but after testing, I found they were just fine. I like the lansinoh storage bags the best. I used Medela for a couple of months but they were ridiculously expensive. I also tried the Gerber bags (I think they were too thin and didn't store the milk very well). Don't get too discouraged until you test the milk. I would be more curious about the milk bags that possibly opened (cause then they could take on the taste of other items in the freezer as well as burn). Let us know what you find out! Hope it's good
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    I'm so glad I read this. I just started using these bags this week. I will not even risk it. I'm going tomorrow to buy new bags. Thanks for posting the question!!

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