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    I did a quick search and came up with allergies. So same reasons as dairy, nuts, soy, etc.
    I thought it was almost unheard of to be allergic to chocolate...truly allergic I mean, but my MIL is. Poor woman...she gets hives all over from chocolate.

    So with my boys, we waited a full year and didn't let any of the relatives cheat and offer them any so they'd have plenty of time for their gut to finish maturing in case that might help them avoid all of the food allergies and milk allergies that run in the family. I don't know if that worked, or if it was meant to be anyway, but my kids are food allergy free AFAIK. And honestly, b4 they ever taste a food, they'll never miss it, but once they get ahold of refined sugars, they can easily be addicted.

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    Uh-oh. I didn't know about waiting a year. We were at a Baskin-Robbins the other day and I indulged myself in a chocolate cone. I gave LO (almost 10 mos. old) the teeniest sample. I gave her one more. I am not one to think kids need sweets but it was just a stroke of spontaneity, so I did it. no harm so far. That was four days ago, so I guess she's OK! Meantime, we're still breastfeeding full steam ahead . . .

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    We keep sweets to a minimum and didn't offer anything such as chocolate before the age of 1. It's just processed junk and very hard on their little tummies imo. Now that my DS is 1 he has had a few bites of chocolate ice cream, but nothing more. We save sweet treats including chocolate for special occasions.

    It's funny because my son doesn't really like sweets. He would much rather eat some turkey or baby back ribs any day!

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