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Thread: not gaining well

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    I think 18lbs at 8 months is not bad. My boy was 18.4lbs at 8 month and down to 18lbs at 9 months. Scale at his pediatrician and his family doctor office are different too. I was worried about my boy too when he's about 11-12 months old that he didn't gain weight or get taller. Now he is 14 months and I kind of stop measuring his weight because he doesn't seem to gain weight each month but he's getting taller again and doesn't look slimmer. So I'm not sure what's going on with measuring his weight. I think if your boy looks healthy, develops according to each milestone, you should not be worried much about it.

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    Here's my thought - only armed with the info you've shared... your baby is growing at his rate. They do not keep a steady weight gain rate any time. They fluctuate. TO take one time of a weight loss (allbeit only 1 oz) and say your supply is low isn't going to help your sanity... makes mama worry more than she needs to.

    FWIW when my youngest was sick last year (around this time ) with Roseola he lost 1 lb in 1 week. 1 lb! DId my doc freak - no because she knew since he was getting nursed that whole time (the only thing he'd take ) and was fighting off big nasty virus he would bounce back soon - and he did...

    Your sons weight is good for his age... (see more here and here)

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