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Thread: appropriate play for 10 week old?

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    Default appropriate play for 10 week old?

    My question is this: At what point did you start "playing" with your babies? My LO is almost 10 weeks with an adjusted age of 2 weeks. For the most part he still just eats, sleeps and looks around. When he wakes i just want to snuggle with him, But he is starting to have longer stretches of awake time. What "activities" did you do with your babies and at what age did you start doing them? It dawned on me today that maybe I am doing him a diservice by not stimulating him enough?! (even though he is 10 weeks, he's only been home for about 3) We do try and give him lots of tummy time. Thanks!

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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    at that age your LOs favourite plaything will be you. next to you it will be daddy. watch for him to start to coo & smile around 6 wks adjusted. start slow with simple rattles or other colourful toys (high contrast is good). young infants get tired easily so keep play sessions short and give him breaks from stimulation (esp when he starts turning away from the toy/stimulus). keep up with the tummy time

    have fun and don't worry. at this age if he's around people that are interacting with him he's getting stimulation. he'll let you know when he's ready for more by gazing intently at objects (ceiling fan anyone?) or hanging toys...he'll then start to slap at the toys...now the fun begins.

    congrats on having your LO home!!!!!!
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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    since lo's like looking at faces like pp said, i found that i get great responses when i sing to my lo's. i use alot of facial expressions while singing silly songs. my current lo 5 mo will laugh so hard when i do it.
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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    At that age, I would just sing songs, talk softly and sweetly to her, and also give her interesting things to look at (she loved lights at that age). When he starts reaching for things (I think DD was about 3MO), you can start giving him age appropriate toys. Contrasting colors are also good at that age. At 10 weeks they can get over-stimulated easily so watch for signs of that (looking away, sneezing, spitting up) and just give him a break from whatever you're doing. HTH!

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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    Thanks! He has started staring intently at some things off in the distance (although we really can't be sure what!) and seems to like looking out the window at trees. But that's pretty much as far as it goes. He does seem interested in the sound his rattle makes but doesn't try and reach for it.

    I just needed some reassurance that I wasn't severely UNDERstimulating him at this point!

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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    my ds2 loved to look at the partically opened window blinds at that age. I guess it was the contrast from light to dark

    I agree with pp's. We had/have a bright blue small hand puppet that Lo loved/s to look at!

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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    My dh and I both read and sang to the boys from birth. Itsy Bitsy spider is a good one to do hand movements to and have the spider walk up your lo's legs, etc... ds1 loved to be outside under a shade tree and stare up at the leaves, especially when the wind blew through them.
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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    Our son was an 8 week early baby too!

    My husband had one of the best ideas ever...

    We went into Word on the computer, chose the "shapes," then I picked all sorts of shapes and made sure they were filled in black, made them about the size of a half page (some a full page) and then we printed them out onto regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

    We taped these all over the ceiling and Nolan LOVED it! He would sit and stare at them, and if he was cranky it would calm him down. He loved to look at them when he was eating...it was genius! The contrast of the black and white and the big shapes was really easy for him to see.

    Other than that we just talked to him, gave him tunny time, carried him around a lot, and held him all the time!

    Good luck and congrats!
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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    We read to ds... anything... not just kids books, the newspaper, magazines, junk mail etc. and talked a lot about what we were doing all the time or where we were and give a lot of descriptions. I read somewhere that those things were great because it could help with language development and also just because babies love hearing your voice. So i.e. we'd say something like mommy's going to change your diaper now so first we have to get a clean diaper and some wipes and then we unsnap your cute little blue pants etc. etc.

    We also did "exercises" where we'd just move his little arms or feet around or stretch them or get his hands to clap while we sang a song or counted.

    And of course lots of kissing and cuddling.

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    Default Re: appropriate play for 10 week old?

    Infant Massage (there is a great, easy to follow book by Vimala McClure, my sp of her name might be wrong) is a really wonderful thing to do with an infant, esp. a premie, and really gives a nice structure to having a nice little time really focused on them and enjoying them. I rarely got through all of the steps- you just pick out a few that your baby seems to enjoy and start there.

    And you really can't go wrong with holding them, talking to them, nuzzling &kissing them.

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