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Thread: Do I HAVE to have a Breast Pump?

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    I have a manual pump. It didn't cost much and came in handy a few times. I would never invest in an expensive pump because I don't feel that I would use it enough. But I'm really glad I bought the manual.

    but to answer your question - no, it's not something that you need. Lots of moms never use one. And if you find that you want one later you can always buy it then It's not recommended to pump for the first 4-6 weeks anyway (until your milk supply is established and you and your baby have figured out the supply/demand thing)

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    Although you don't need one, I would suggest having at least a manual one on hand. Nobody wants to go to the store in the middle of the night, and I know I would rather pay $15 or 20 as insurance that the trip won't be needed. At our hospital, if you tell them that you will be breast feeding, they provide you with some parts to get started with a Medela Pump. You get one of the cone/breast attachment- what ever you call it, and the parts for their had expression deal and one bottle to express into. I know that you have to basically tell them you want it though. If you hospital offers that while you are there, you might take them up on it. Then you are covered.

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    Default Re: Do I HAVE to have a Breast Pump?

    I knew I didn't NEED one, but just needed to hear it

    Thanks everyone!

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    You don't NEED one, but I would at least get a manual one (fairly inexpensive)which is nice to have in case of engorgement or to help get things started in the beginning. I have a double electric as well, but I still used the manual one in the beginning just for a little relief &/or to make it easier for baby to latch at first.
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    Life pumping is not easier!!! In fact, it's more than double the work because you have to pump and then feed the baby and then clean all the bottles and pumping kit. It's exhausting, too, because there's no side laying position to pump from bed like there is to side lay and nurse in bed.

    If you can avoid using a pump, then that's the best route, IMO. The baby will draw more mik from your breast, you don't have to worry about storing EBM and how long it's good for, washing bottles, carrying bottles when you're out, getting to a pump every three hours, or running out of milk because you didn't bring enough bottles.

    I wouldn't rush to buy an electric pump. If you end up needing one, they're readily available at Target and other stores of that sort and available for rent through most lactation services at hospitals and take no time at all to get. Same day service. Like the pp mentioned, you might want to have a hand-held model available in case you have engorgement issues or will be away from the LO for a few hours, or just make sure you know how to hand express.

    You can always go get a pump if you need it.
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