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Thread: considering sns?

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    Wink considering sns?

    there is this lady on ebay that is a medela distributor and she sells the sns tubing also and its only 5 bucks. Since I couldn't afford the sns system itself I figured I would order that and give it a whirl. Well it works great! You just cut off the nipple of a bottle and run the tubes up through it while the rubber piece sits in the milk and its super easy for the milk flow to come out. Just remember the tape! My son still wouldn't take it just from my breast due to all of his feedings coming from a bottle but after putting on the nipple shield, he latched on just fine. Hopefully, I can get him to latch without the nipple shield and also see his formula intake taper off so I know he is getting more breast milk. Oh the womans business is called elite breastfeeding or something very close to that. Just thought I would share my finding since saving money is often a priority for us moms!

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    Sounds like you found a great inexpensive solution. Thanks for sharing it!
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