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Thread: Possible RAGING infection--has anyone ever seen this?

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    Angry Possible RAGING infection--has anyone ever seen this?

    Okay, if you're easily grossed out, don't read this!

    I have been having a nipple issue for months now--I'm an exclusive pumper, and I have a lot of pain and discomfort while pumping (I've changed settings to no avail), lots of redness in teh general area, and white tips on my nipples. Also, when I finish pumping I notice angry red bumps on my nipples. I have seen the OB, who said it was yeast and put me on Diflucan for 4 weeks (didn't work), so then I saw a dermatologist who said it was dermatitis and put me on a steroid ointment (also didn't work), so I finally went to see a local lactation consultant, who said it was an infection (white tips are actually pus!), and put me on antibiotics, a compounded topical and salt water soaks. She said I should start to improve quickly, but it's been 5 days and I've seen no improvement. She's really stumped and so am I. DD is only 4 months old and I really want to continue bf. Has anyone ever seen ANYTHING like this????


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    Default Re: Possible RAGING infection--has anyone ever seen this?

    The situation you present is a little unusual, in that you've hit the major things that I have encountered (dermatitis, yeast, infection) and the treatmets do not seem to be working. Is there any chance you have an allergy to the actual MATERIALS the pump is made of? Can you safely/comfortably switch to hand expression for a period of a week or two? You may find this page on the La Leche League website to be helpful, it includes the specific explanations of the "Marmet Technique of Manual Expression" which is the standard in hand expression.


    Also a simple question, but has the Lactation Consultant checked you for fit for the pump flanges/horns? Some of what you describe sounds like it could possibly be nipple damage caused by ill fitting pump parts. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) can help you evaluate fit, or the pump manufacturer's website should have some discussion of that.

    Lastly, would I have your permission to ask assistance from some additional La Leche League Leaders?

    Let us know how things progress. Best regards,
    Karen Smith
    LLL Leader, IL

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