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Thread: increase milk supply for 8 month old

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    Default increase milk supply for 8 month old

    I have been pumping regularly at work once a day and have been getting around 4 to 5 oz with my PIS pump.

    However, my 8 month old daughter who has started on solids requires more milk than that. I have been using the bm to mix it in cereal, etc. so the quantity seems less when she is ready for her afternoon milk session. Is there a way to stimulate more milk supply. I tried it yesterday night after my baby had her dinner but there was no let down and no milk. I tried it this morning before coming to work around 8 AM and it was the same story.

    I can only pump once in my 9-5 job. As soon as I go home 5:45 PM, my daughter wants to nurse and she gets up around 2 Am for a feeding and then at around 5 0r 7 AM. Also, is that enough feeding sessions? She has EBM at 3 pm an in cereal for breakfast and sometime if the dinner was not filling then another feeding at 9 PM.

    Also, I used to get around 7 oz. However, looks the milk supply is dwindling and now I just get 4 or 5 oz. in a session when obviously with my daughter's increasing age and appetite she needs more.

    Any input in milk supply and schedule etc. will be appreciated. Also, how to get some milk at night when whole days tiredness affects the milk supply.

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    Default Re: increase milk supply for 8 month old

    Your milk supply is naturally at its highest in the morning, milk supply tends to peak between 1 and 4 AM. It's not too surprising that you are having difficulty pumping anything additional in the evening. However, another thing to remember is that your milk production runs on supply/demand. For your body to ramp up supply, it has to sense the demand on a regular basis. If you want to add a pumping session in the evening, you should add it consistently for several days, even if at first you get very little or nothing at all (do not pump past your comfort, though, it is not a good idea to damage nipples in the hopes of getting more milk!)

    Each baby is different. It's hard to know how much/how often any one baby should eat. The best gauge is to watch your baby - is she peeing and pooping on the appropriate schedule? Is she gaining weight gradually and steadily? Is her pediatrician happy with her weight gain? Is she meeting milestones, doing more things each day? Does she seem content? Happy?

    As for the solids, while it can be nice to have expressed breastmilk to mix in with solids, it's not a requirement. You can always mix solids with a little water to thin them out.

    Additionally, you might be intersted in these articles on the La Leche League website. They have "additional links" at the bottom with even more references and resources.

    Please let us know how things turn out or if you have more questions.

    Karen Smith
    LLL Leader, IL

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    Smile Re: increase milk supply for 8 month old

    Thanks Karen,
    for your valuable input.

    I will certainly try adding more water to the cereal rather than EBM. My baby likes the taste of the cereal better when its mixed with EBM, but will slowly add more water to give it a try.

    Also, will see if the evening sessions work by pumping regularly at the same time.

    My paediatrician is not worried that much about my daughter's weight. She has been gaining around 1 lb. a month. My baby is on a lighter side (40 percentile), but she is gaining weight normally and is a very active child. However, since for the first year breast milk or formula has to be the main part of the baby diet, I get concerned and anxious to get some more EBM. My daughter certainly needs more during her afternoon milk session.

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