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    I know how you feel, my son did not swallow much whatsoever until recently at 14 months. It was quite exasperating because everyone kept telling me, oh he will get it, and frankly he did not.

    My situation is different because he had a physical reason why he could not eat solids that we had fixed. (tongue tie) Have you discussed with your pediatrician what is going on? I would recommend your first line of defense is to bring in a few examples of food and show your pedi what your LO is doing. It's worth it to get a medical opinion if the behavior is normal or not.

    If your LO is having a serious aversion to textures and will only eat puree, (and only puree at times) then there are things you can do to help. I would certainly look into this with your pedi.

    On your own, the only thing that you can do is to continue providing a variety of textures and tastes that your LO can explore. Offer both savory and sweet, and soft and crunchy foods. Perhaps your LO is simply super picky on foods. I would certainly also give more finger foods than the 'O's. You can give your LO what you're eating, and if the food is very spicy just don't spice a bit of it as much and you should be okay.

    Oh one more thought. Don't assume that your LO has the same tastes that you do. I learned that the hard way!!! I'm not a meat eater, and I assumed that my LO would not be either... but it turns out that protein is his favorite food group. He just adores shredded chicken, fish, turkey, and pork although the pork is harder for him to try and chew up.

    Hang in there and it will improve, you just have to figure out what's going on and find some things your baby likes to eat!!! Trial and error is sometimes the only way you can figure these things out.

    Good luck momma.

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    We are already starting to have issues with people telling us how/when to feed LO so I can sympathize with that. He is only 8 months and we are doing purees and starting finger foods. We were recently at a restaurant and hadn't brought along any food for LO since he had eaten at home already. It is a huge production at this point to try to feed him in public. Luckily he doesn't seem to mind seeing us eat in front of him - in other words, he doesn't beg for our food at all. The people we were with kept telling us about all the different foods that we could order that would be "appropriate" for LO to also have and that he really seemed "hungry" and that "he wants food." (He was happily looking around, smiling, and banging on the table, not giving any of this usual indications of wanting any solids). He hasn't wanted to eat any chunky solids other than a little bit of pear so I certainly wasn't going to start giving him regular rice and bread off my plate, which is what they were suggesting I do! They couldn't believe we weren't up for that. He has never even tried any of that yet! Like I'm going to try a new solid for the first time IN PUBLIC when all he's had is a bit of mushy pear???

    I had to keep a smile on my face and politely explain.... but not too much explaining, because it really isn't any of their business how I feed my LO. You don't owe anyone any explanations! Most people don't understand anyway. I have found it easier to politely fib or just stretch the truth (or simply tell the truth) based on the situation and leave it at that. It's so frustrating!

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    I totally understand about what people say being frustrating- I just try to ignore what I can, if I thimk its worth the time, I try to explain to them/educate them the reason I offer or don't offer the foods I do and when possible, I just avoid the issue all together My MIL ate with us and actually asked if I thought dd was getting enough to eat- she's 10mos old, BF's on demand, & eats some solids & is in the 90th percentile for height & weight- don't know what she was thinking! But, just goes to show, people's comments/questions don't always make any sense. Hang in there! keep offering a variety of foods & textures & your lo will come around when ready. Teething might be playing a role in it too if he's erratic on eating some days & not others
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    thanks ladies. I appreciate so much all of the feedback! It sure is frustrating when people who don't know your kid (or even when people who do know your kid) are sure they know how to raise him better than you. I try pretty hard to not give too much unsolicited advice to my first time mommy friends. That is one of the things I love about this forum - I can give them the address and then if they're so inclined they can come on over here and learn all of the things I have learned and make decisions for themselves! I try to not offer advice unless I'm asked but I always give out this website address!

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